Starting a fitness routine

Fitness is so much more then just going to the gym to work out. There are a steps to take, that will improve not only your workout routine, but your body function, and will keep you motivated to keep going and keep moving.


The first thing I wanna talk about is Vitamins. One of the most important things you can do for yourself, and your health is to take a daily vitamin! I usually take a “One A Day Women’s” gummy vitamin. When you start to lack your vital nutrients your body will feel depleted and you’ll feel especially tired. Get into the habit of adding vitamins to your morning routine, keep them by your coffee, so in the morning when your brewing a cup of joe you can take your vitamins. For me personally I also take Iron supplements and hair, skin, and nails supplements. Its all about what makes your body feel good!

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ᔕTᗩY ᕼYᗪᖇᗩTEᗪ

The next key component to a fitness routine is to stay hydrated at all times. Make it a habit to fill up your water bottle before you leave for work or leave the house for the day. Trust me your body will thank you for drinking lots of water. It’ll improve your skin quality, your kidney health, the way you sleep at night, and lastly water helps you get rid of those cramps you get while your working out. Another huge factor is to choose better options for drinks, Instead of that coffee you want, try switching it out for Green Tea. Green Tea has a large amount of antioxidants in it that’ll improve your health all around. Switch your sodas out for seltzer, making healthier drinking choices will make you feel less bloated, and more motivated to get moving.

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ᗯOᖇKOᑌT ᗯITᕼ OTᕼEᖇᔕ

Make a conscious decision to workout with others, or join a group workout once a week. It can be very easy to seclude yourself when you first start working out, for the fear that you will be judge. There are plenty of places however that offer beginner workouts classes, yoga etc that will help you better understand your not in this alone. Having a support system around you, when your improving your lifestyle can be immensely pleasing. Whether its a friend you workout with or a group that meets once a week, get yourself out of your bubble and enjoy the workout. I would suggest as a beginner, taking classes at the pool, Zumbya, yoga or cycling. You don’t need to push yourself, or feel like you need to impress the others, just take everything at your own speed. Eventually you’ll start to notice the changes in your body, and those around you will notice to!


ᔕTᗩY ᑕOᑎᔕIᔕTEᑎT

Make sure you stay consistent in all aspects of your workout and healthy living routine. Make a plan to get to the gym four times a week and stick to it. Don’t flake or you’ll kick yourself for it. If you have a particularly hard day, or your just down right tired, still go to the gym that day but don’t push yourself. Simply walk on the treadmill at a slow pace, you’ll be getting yourself moving and exercising for that day, but it will also give you time to think. If you really don’t feel like going the gym, then get yourself to go for a walk after work. Again you’ll still be staying fit while giving yourself time to wind down and be a peace.


IᑎᐯEᔕT Iᑎ ᗯOᖇKOᑌT GEᗩᖇ

One of the best things you can do for yourself is invest in some good quality workout gear. First off you should purchase a pair of running sneakers, it is so important to get your correct size and invest in a shoe thats good quality. Otherwise you’ll start to get knee and lower back pains from your sneakers not giving enough support. Pick up a few pairs of workout leggings and shirts, that won’t  be torn up after a few washes, because with the amount you sweat you’ll be washing them quite a bit. If your big into home workouts, pick yourself up a fitness ball/ Yoga ball, medicine balls, or even weights. This will improve the  number of different workouts you can do, giving you a good variety to choose from. Another piece of gear to invest in, are headphones. Get a good quality pair, that won’t be effected by sweat and movement.


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