What I’ve Been Loving

Hey there my lovelies! With Summer now behind us and fall in full swing, I wanted to share some products and other goodies I have been loving. Although summer is my favorite season, fall is a close second. I have been reading tons of books, trying tons of recipes and loving tons of products, so lets get started!


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I have always had trouble taking a multi vitamin, either the vitamin will make me nauseous or i’ll simply forget to take it everyday. I recently learned about a company called Ritual, who makes a multi vitamin for women, with all the ingredients meant to help your body thrive. I decided to give them a try around a month ago and I am so happy I did. With the anti-nausea capsule I can take these anytime of the day, with or without food and I won’t feel like I’m gonna throw up. These vitamins are vegan, gluten-free, and made with out GMO. Unfortunately, this company only makes multi-vitamins for women as of right now, however they also do feature a prenatal multi-vitamin on their site. These vitamins are 30$ a month, which to me is pricey, however on your first month you get a 9$ off coupon. The first month is around 21$ dollars, which I didn’t mind paying for. After that you can absolutely find coupon codes all over the internet for a certain percentage off (NEVER PAY FULL PRICE!) 


FARMACY: Honeymoon Glow


This next product I recently just ran out of, after scraping every last bit of product out of the container. This is a product by the company Farmacy, Honeymoon Glow is an AHA Resurfacing Night Serum. I received this I believe in a BoxyLuxe box back in May or June. The first couple nights applying this product it gave me a slight burning, tingling feeling. Nothing crazy, it just felt like it was working in some way. After two weeks of using this every night before bed, I noticed my skin was looking plump, textures were evening out, and I had no active breakouts. The best part was it got rid of scarring and dark spots. I was able to use this for about four months every night and like I said just recently ran out. As much as I adored this product, It retails for around 58$ and as of right now I cannot justify paying that for a product. In the future if I have a bit to spend I’ll definitely be repurchasing this product!


Watermelon Juice

I wasn’t able to get a picture of the watermelon juice I have been making, but nonetheless I wanted to include it in this post. Every time I go to the grocery shop I’ve been picking up one or two watermelons, they have been on sale at my local grocery store. I cut them up and remove the peel. If your watermelon has seeds, don’t worry about removing them, we will do that later on in the process. Take your watermelon and put it into a blender with a bit of water and turn on. When it is all blended up, strain the juice to remove the seeds, foam and anything that shouldn’t be there, refrigerate and enjoy. Watermelon has a ton of vitamins that are good for the heart, it also helps lower your blood pressure. Without any added sugar, this watermelon juice is sweet and refreshing. You can also add ginger, orange, mint, cucumber, etc to your juice for added benefits. 

M. Greengrass Body Butter


I am a huge body butter fan, I moisturize morning and night everyday. During the summer my skin tends to peel from the sun and body butter helps prevent this. During the winter my skin gets chapped from the cold and body butter helps lock in the moister. I received this M. Greengrass Hand and Body Butter in my May or June Boxyluxe Box. It came in the scent “Summer is nice”. A beautiful soft, floral, fresh scent, I got so many  compliments on the scent. After using that container up, I hit the website to order more. I ordered the second container in the scent “Sweet Clementine”, which is exactly what it sounds like. A sugary sweet orange fragrance. These body butters run for $19.00 Each, which is a bit pricey. I do however feel like because of the formula, texture and scents, these are worth the money. They also sell candles and other goodies on their website!


Puracy Natural Body Wash


This was a company I had never heard of before, but while browsing around Target I came across this brand. I still absolutely love my “Love Beauty & Planet” body products, but their scents can sometimes get to strong for my liking. This body wash is in the scent “Citrus & Sea Salt” and is not overwhelming. It’s refreshing, while still leaving you feeling clean, its got a nice lather and the scent is calming. This body wash retails for $9.99, I’ve already had it for around 4 weeks and have only used a quarter of the bottle, a little goes a long way. This comes in three scents, on their website they also feature body butters, shampoo, conditioners and so on. This brand is cruelty free and vegan, and with their non toxic ingredients, its gentle enough to use on your newborn. 


Use promo code PURE15 to save 15% on your first order.

Magnolia Table and other Cookbooks


I have been all about cookbooks these last couple of months. Although I am not a huge fan of “The Gaines Family”, I do really enjoy their cookbook. With a ton of recipes to choose from, I feel like I can structure my shopping list around which recipes I want to try. I have also been reading a ton of Vegan, Vegetarian and Vegetable based cookbooks that I check out from my local library. Reading healthy cookbooks really motivates me to try and be the healthiest version of myself I can be. I ordered my copy of “Magnolia Table Cookbook”  on Amazon for $16.59. 

Chia Seeds & Other Superfoods


I have been doing a ton a research on different super foods that are good for your body and their uses. From Target I picked up a bag of Chia Seeds, Beet Root Powder, Green Powder, and Cocoa Nibs. I make a smoothies every morning that consist of Strawberries, Bananas, Spinach, Chia Seeds and Soy Milk. This smoothie is sweet without being overly sugary, it makes my body feel good and also keeps my energy up throughout the day. The Beet Root Powder can be substituted for a pre-workout, it tends to make you energized, someone people have even said it makes them almost shaky with energy. The Green Powder is basically for Vegan or Vegetarians who don’t get their protein from meat and are lacking it in their diets. You can add this to smoothies, banana nice-cream, mashed potatoes, anything really, it doesn’t have much flavor besides a slight earthiness.  The cocoa nibs are basically a healthier chocolate, they can be added to anything to give it a sweet kick. I love to add it to my banana nice cream, along with some PB2 Powder, makes it taste like a Reese’s Cup!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my recent favorites. This week i’ll be posting some of my favorite recipes and healthy alternatives to our favorite comfort foods! 

Leave me a comment letting me know what you’ve been loving lately!

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