Ethically Made Clothing: What’s it all about

Hey there my lovelies! Today we are talking all about ethically made clothing and some of my favorite ethical clothing brands. I didn’t start understanding what “Ethically” made meant until I started becoming a minimalist. I heard the word thrown around a lot, so I finally did some research. Ethically made in a nut shell is when clothes are not made in sweat shops or,  is not produced using child labor. The material they use is not harmful to the environment and is usually vegan or cruelty free. I read a blog post recently that said it very well:

Ethical fashion is more or less a combination of both Fair Trade and sustainable fashion. It focuses on both the social and environmental impact of fashion, seeking to improve the working conditions of laborers, along with the environmental impact of the clothing production process.

The more research I did, the more passionate about this topic I became. In the recent months, I have bought clothing items online from a few different shops who’s clothes were made ethically. These pieces were made with quality, love, and the idea that sweat shops and child labor should be put to an end!

Wear PACT 

Screenshot 2019-09-22 at 2.38.32 PM.pngScreenshot 2019-09-22 at 2.39.07 PM.png

PACT has rapidly become my favorite ethically made clothing brand ever. In the last two months I have placed three separate orders with this company. The website is super easy to navigate and explains the brand, all about the clothing being ethical and more. Since I have a hard time paying full price for anything, I browsed the site till I came to the sale section. The first order I placed was for an off the shoulder, over-sized gray and black sweatshirt. Originally retailed at 36$ I snagged it for 20$, I also picked up a pair of simple navy blue leggings originally $25 I got them for 10$. They arrived in the mail within 10 business days, each item was individually wrapped with an receipt of what I ordered. The first thing I noticed about the clothing pieces was the quality. The leggings have become my favorite. They are not sheer or see through, I don’t feel like they are gonna rip at the seams. I have put both the pieces through the wash, the leggings more then once and have not had any problems with shrinking or the threads coming loose. These pieces truly are good quality. I now have two sets of leggings one black one navy blue, one pair of gray cropped leggings, and two sweatshirt from this brand. Each time I receive my orders I fall more in love with this company!

Why Choose Ethically Made Clothing? 

Have you ever wondered who made your favorite clothes? Fashion Revolution aims for a fashion industry that values people, environment, creativity & profit in equal measure. So, join us and ask your favorite brands on Fashion Revolution week April...

From the outside looking in, shops like Forever 21, H&M, American Eagle, TJ Maxx, etc can seem like they are at the peek of their sales. You see all of your friends and family shopping at these places, during the holiday season they are always packed with people, business seems to be booming. On the back end of things, behind the scenes, people are suffering, working 13 hour days getting paid 6$ an hour, well under minimum wage to pin tags and produce Forever 21 clothing. Most of the workers in the in sweat shops here in the US are immigrants, who most likely can’t find work other places. They are paid poorly, i’ve read articles that have interviewed women getting paid as little as $3.42 to as much a $7 an hour. We are all aware of how cheap Forever 21, TJ Maxx and retail shops like this are. There clothing is inexpensive and on trend which makes it appealing to most if not all young adults on a budget. The more people buy the more that needs to be produced in the factories.

Ethically made clothing companies are trying to put an end to the way we shop now. We as humans don’t like to think about where these clothes are actually made. They are so cute and so cheap, we over look the process that the clothing piece had to go through to get to the stores. Ethically made clothing companies aren’t afraid to tell you when and where their pieces were created, and who made them. They go above and beyond to follow the regulations and make sure their workers are properly compensated, have breaks throughout the day for food and bathroom, and aren’t working in ill-equipped environments. 

Ethically Made VS Sustainable Clothing 


You might have heard both of these terms thrown around, and not know what the difference is or you might think they mean the same thing. 

Sustainable Clothing: Refers to the way the clothing is made, and it’s effects on the environment. For example cotton is one of the main materials used to make clothing. When they grow cotton for clothing, they use pesticides on the plants to keep the bugs and animals away. Those pesticides are so bad for the environment, and water. Clothing companies that are sustainable will most likely used recycled materials, biodegradable or recyclable packaging, natural dyes and so on. 

Ethically Made: Refers to who made the clothing piece. The factories they were made in, the wage the workers are getting paid, and the conditions they are forced to work in. Ethically made is all about being able to zero in on the person or people who made your clothing piece. 

More Ethically Made Brands

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