7 things I’ve stopped buying since becoming a minimalist!

Hey there my lovelies! Today we are talking about items I stopped buying since becoming a minimalist. I’ve always hated clutter, so becoming a minimalist was a no brainier for me. I didn’t realize however, how much money it would end up saving me. When I finally stopped buying all the things I didn’t need, didn’t use, and material items, I ended up saving so much money. Here is a list of items I have stopped buying since adapting to a minimalist lifestyle!


Fast fashion is essentially clothing items that are made in factories for pennies on the dollar and sold at discounted prices. These clothing items are typically made cheaply, not structured properly and disposable. Places that sell these types of clothing pieces are places like Forever 21, Old Navy, Walmart, Target, Victoria Secret and so on. I realized a few months back, that I wanted my clothing to be made well, and pieces I can keep in my wardrobe for years to come. I switched to ethically made clothing, and have been so happy about it. I don’t have to worry about over wearing an item, washing it, drying it, or the item ripping at the seam. Ethically made clothing is usually more pricey than fast fashion, but with the quality of the pieces you’ll get, its worth the extra money.


“Love this @healthishco bottle for keeping me on track with my water intake! It also means I get more breaks at work. Toilet  breaks... but…

This one is pretty simple, I stopped buying plastic water bottles not only because I became a minimalist but because it is so bad for the planet. Our landfills are overflowing with plastic, leaking into the oceans and harming sea animals. Cutting back on the amount of plastic you use is a very simple, yet a very effective way to help out. When it came to becoming a minimalist I also cut back on the amount of reusable water bottles I bought. Sometimes they are so cute and pretty, but the truth of the matter is you don’t need 6 or 7 reusable water bottles. You only really need 1 or 2, simple use it, wash it and reuse it.


Shoutout to @thedm.show for this great photo and giving our products a try!(Photo by @thedm.show)#OrganicTampons #OrganicPads #PeriodCare #FearlessPeriod #HealthyPeriod #Period

I get so mad at the prices they charge for pads and tampons, they are so expensive to buy especially for something like a period which is out of our control. I switched to a reusable period cup and have saved so much money. I don’t have to buy a box of 15$ tampons every time I get my period. Not only does the cup save you money but it’s also a lot better for the environment. I touched on this subject in my period blog post. Tampons take years and years to decompose, so they sit in the landfills for a very long time. Switching to a reusable cup is better for your body, better for the environment, and saves you money.


Inspired by Kelsey Simone #skincare #boujeee  #aesthetic aesthetically pleasing skincare #SkinCareAcne

When I was a teen I would buy a ton of body lotions, sprays, perfumes, scrubs, body washes etc. I would spend so much money and have so many products, and there was just no way I would be able to use them all. Since becoming a minimalist I have dwindled down to only the things I absolutely need, i.e one body butter/ lotion, one face lotion, and a small perfume I wear when I am going out. If I need to exfoliate my body, I simply make one at home with sugar, coffee grounds and olive oil. Cheap to make and gets rid of dead skin while still moisturizing the skin. You don’t need twenty different products body products, you will never use them all. Cutting back on beauty and body products will end up saving you a ton of money in the long run.


This is another thing I started doing not only because I became a minimalist but because it is so much better for the environment. Plastic straws have been ending up in the ocean and are rapidly becoming very harmful to the sea turtles. It’s so important to do your part to help keep this beautiful planet clean. I went onto amazon and purchased a bundle of ten metal straws, I keep a few in my car, my purse, my kitchen and so on, just so I have one on me at all times. When I go to a restaurant I order my drinks without a straw and grab my metal straw from my purse. When I’m done I wipe it off with a napkin, put it back in my purse and wash it when I get home.


Again I used to be the type of person that would buy tons of jewelry, I had a bunch of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches etc. I found that even when I had so many different jewelry pieces I wore the same three pieces all the time. I again dwindled down my collection to only what I wear, one necklace (that I don’t take off), a pair of hoops, a pair of stud earrings, a watch, and a ring I keep on all the time. I spent a bit more money on each of my jewelry pieces, because I wanted them to last. Not rust, break, turn my fingers or neck a different color. I wanted the quality to be there. 


Ok, but first coffee!

This is a small way to not only cut back on the number of things you are buying but to also save money. Going to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts before work every morning to get yourself a coffee or tea can end up being pricey. Start making your hot drinks at home and storing them in a heat safe tumblr so they will stay hot all morning. This will save you money, and get you out of the mentality that you have to spend money in order to get something you’ll enjoy.

9 thoughts on “7 things I’ve stopped buying since becoming a minimalist!

  1. I almost do the same, but just the pads I am still struggling with. Coconut oil and natural oils have become really close friends. I still get tempted to go for shopping, but ” do I want it or do I need it always helps 😀 “

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  2. Although I’m not a minimalist, I can agree with all of these. Body lotions etc has definitely been one of my downfalls. I am now trying to buy less and less.
    I’ve never understood fast fashion and daily coffee shop purchases, a huge waste of time, product and money!
    Great read x

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    1. I can agree on that! One tip I have is to try the library, when I need to get work done and need a quiet space The library is a great. You can join some of the programs they have there or just enjoy being there with other people while still getting work done!

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  3. tampons and pads are something i still am having trouble with. i recently bought some organic ones but i can’t seem to get into the diva cup or period underwear quite yet. but this is a great list! as a minimalist myself, i can’t believe how much money i save from not buying these types of items.


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