What I’ve Been Wearing

This summer I have been all about looking cute but being comfortable. I tend to choose clothing pieces that are flowy, and loose, but hang on my body nicely. I have mentioned befor how I shop only ethical so it can be difficult sometimes to find the pieces you want that are ethically made. Heres what i’ve been loving.≥


Especially in the summertime with the heat, I always tend to reach for a top in my wardrobe that wont cling to me. Pairing a loose top, with a pair of fitted shorts or skinny jeans can be quite adorable, but also comfy. Don’t be afraid to keep things simple, meaning basic colors, and shirts with no patterns. Almost always simple is better, and you’re able to express yourself with accessories.

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I am quite tall (5’9) so jumpsuits look better on me then rompers. This however is a personal preference on what you like. Jumpsuits are a great addition to any wardrobe, because they make it look like you put a lot of time into your outfit. They can be dressy but also very comfortable. If you choose a jumpsuit or romper with a pattern, then that is all you need in your outfit, pair it with a simple pair of flats and your good to go. I tend to find my jumpsuits at TJ MAXX and PLATOS CLOSET.

99e0347a3100ebced0db814f644fe6dc.jpg 271c6b74bc9892ecac86014c2185e9b8.jpg


In my wardrobe I only ever have three pairs of shoes. One is a sneaker that I am able to work out in. The second is a some type of flat shoe, that can be used dressy or casual, and is well made. The third is a pair of sandals, again that can be worn causal or dressy. Also lately I have been loving the imitation “BERKENSTOCKS” which you can pick up pretty much anywhere (I like to order mine online). I never get my shoes second hand, but that is obviously just  a personal preference.

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I wouldn’t call what I’ve been loving graphic tees, more like pretty pattern tee’s. You again can find these at your local thrift shops, Plato’s Closet, TJ Maxx etc. These keep you looking effortlessly pretty while still being comfortable. Pair these tee’s with a pair of black leggings or blue jeans and sandals for an all over clean and comfortable outfit

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Find yourself a pair of shorts that are fitted at the waist and fall loosely around your hips, trust me you’ll thank yourself for buying them. With the summer heat, they wont stick to your thighs, but paired with a fitted tee or shirt can make you look adorable. All while being comfortable and causal. You can wear them to the beach or a date night, simply switch out what shoes your wearing to change from casual to fancy.

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