2019 Favorites

Hey there my lovelies! Before we get to far into the new year I wanted to do a post all about my favorite products & things from 2019. I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season, and New Year! I’m excited to bring you lot’s of good stuff and exciting posts in 2020! If you are interested in any of the products featured in this post I’ll leave links to the website where you can buy them. Let’s get started!

The Good Stuff – No Rinse Conditioner

IMG_4010.jpg IMG_4011.jpg

In the second half of the year, I started noticing my hair becoming super oily, and weighted down by product build-up. I went online and tried to figure out a way I can make my hair fuller and decrease the amount of product build up. The main thing my research said was to switch from a normal in shower conditioner to a leave in conditioner when needed. I don’t use this every time I shower, only when my hair is tangled, or feeling a bit dry. This product is amazing, hands down my favorite leave in conditioner I have ever tried. This is of course vegan and cruelty free, the bottle is 100% recyclable and there are no harsh chemicals in it. I use two or three pumps of this product, and run it through the ends of my hair. It keeps my hair feeling soft, without making leaving it oily or greasy. I bought this at target for $9.99 and honestly the name is what caught my attention. I wanted a product that wasn’t gonna have a ton of chemicals in it. This line has a bunch of different products, from leave in conditioners to shampoos, hair oils and more.



Ritual – Vitamins 


I have talked about my love for these vitamins in a past blog post, but they have definitely become a holy grail product. Ritual is a monthly vitamin subscription service, where once a month these vitamins are delivered right to your door step. I will admit that yes they are kinda pricey, running about 30$ a bottle. However, I have never paid full price they always have discount codes, I will leave mine down below. The best part about these vitamins in my opinion are their no nausea capsules. I used to always have to take my vitamins with food or else I would get so sick, these vitamins are in a capsule that protects against that. They have all the ingredients that you need to make sure your body is healthy and getting the right vitamins and nutrients. Another unique and awesome thing about these vitamins is the smell, they have a mint smell and taste which makes it super easy to swallow them. They currently only have women’s multi-vitamins and prenatal, but I promise they are worth trying!

Leave a comment with your email address and I’ll send you a link to get 15$ off your first vitamin fix!



Puracy – Body Wash 

IMG-1354.jpg IMG_4006.jpg

This is a product I found while wondering the isles of target, I know we have all done that! I picked up the Citrus & Sea Salt scent first and once I started using it I was blown away. I know being blown away by a body wash sounds kind of silly but stick with me. I am very prone to headaches, so products with strong scents can definitely trigger a headache for me. For that reason I have to be careful with the scents of my body washes, shampoos, hair products etc. This product has a nice natural sweet smell without being overwhelming.  It creates a nice lather, and you know I am all about natural ingredients. According to the website Puracy is ; Naturally safe & incredibly effective. No bad stuff, eco-friendly refills, gentle on the Earth and your senses. Their products are vegan and cruelty free, they use plant based ingredients and their products have no sulfate or parabens. They want their products to be good for the environment therefore they always come in biodegradable bottles and they offer refills on most items. I love when a companies go out of their way to be good to the animals and environments, and when the products are actually amazing its the icing on the cake. I’m gonna leave a promo code down below to get fifteen percent off your first order!

Use promo code PURE15 to save 15% on your first order.



Rael – Natural Foaming Feminine Wash


I wanted to talk about this product because I know for a lot of women it is hard to find a feminine wash that doesn’t leave you feeling irritated or still not completely clean. I discovered this wash about three months ago and it was something that I actually really loved. It has a pump, and the product itself is a foam, almost like a really light shaving cream. It never leaves me feeling irritated and it always makes me feel clean. I used to use the brand “Summer’s Eve” but the scents always irritated me and I just didn’t love the product itself. Rael products are pricey, I believe this cost me $8.99, but I have had it for three months and am just starting to hit the bottom. It has a ton of product in it and will last you a long time. The fact that it is made with natural ingredients and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals in it, makes me feel so much better about using it to wash the sensitive parts of my body. I would definitely recommended giving this a try if you are like me and have sensitive skin.

Promo code to get 15% off your first order: Welcome15



Exfoliating Sugar Cubes


I used to always make my own exfoliates  at home, for me it was quick and easy to make and saved me a ton of money. However, a few months back in a subscription box I received the Harper Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes and I fell in love. Anytime I felt the need to exfoliate I took a cube in the shower with me, one cube was a perfect amount for my whole body. If you had a lot of dead skin you needed to remove you could exfoliate with the cube being dry. If you wanted a light exfoliation you could wet the cube and it created a nice lather with beads to get the job done. I recently ran out of my cubes so I  picked up the Joon X Moon Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Grapefruit. They were on clearance at Target for $5, this brand is cruelty free and doesn’t have any harsh ingredients in it. This is a great product for not only adults but kids as well, I know how the winter can cause so much dry skin, even on children. The fact that this smells good and creates a nice lather, it makes children want to use them when taking a bath. Hands down definitely a product to try!



 PACT – Ethically Made Clothing

Image result for pact clothing

In 2019, I tried really hard to start shopping for ethically made and sustainable fashion. Upon doing my research I found the brand PACT, all of their clothes are ethically made and use 100% organic cotton. What sold me however was their clearance section, I found a pair of leggings for ten dollars and an off the shoulder pull over sweater for fifteen dollars. I didn’t want to purchase to many things my first time, I simply wanted to try out the brand. It took about a week, to ten days and I received my clothes in a cardboard package, with no plastic whatsoever which to me was amazing. The quality of the clothing is phenomenal, hands down some of the best clothing I have in my wardrobe. I went back on the website and ordered more leggings, t-shirts and a few other things. Everything always came super quick, the quality was amazing, their customer service is awesome and I cannot say enough good things about this brand. If you are like me and are scared to start shopping ethically because you think it is going to be crazy expensive, I encourage you to check out PACT. Their clothing to begin with is worth it, but when you can find it discounted its awesome!



Causebox – Monthly Subscription 

My 2019 Summer CAUSEBOX • Grace Gathered Home / In love with this summer's @causebox subscription box with goodies that actually go towards a cause, including face wash, scrunchies, All Good sunscreen, a wine tumbler, a waterproof pouch, beach poncho, and straw tote. #causebox #subscriptionboxes #summerstyle

One of the things I wanted to try in the 2019 was subscription boxes. With the help of Instagram Ads, Facebook Ads and Google Ads, I learned about a lot of different and unique subscription boxes. I wanted to try out a bunch and review them for you guys, so you knew if they were worth it or not. I had some boxes that were okay, some boxes that were really not worth the money and a few I actually loved. Causebox became one of my favorites over the course of the year. According to the website Causebox is Exclusive, ethically made products, $200+ value for only $49.95 and Delivered 4x per year. Again you can always find coupon codes for a percent off your order. Causbox is similar to the Fab Fit Fun box, except all the products are ethically made and sometimes even hand crafted. I am always in shock with what I receive in my Causebox, and it is always worth the money no question. We have received a full set of vegan make-up brushes, candles, duffel bags, jewelry, make-up and more. I am always impressed and If I could recommend one subscription box it would be this one!




Spirtu – Monthly Subscription


Spirtu Box was the other subscription box I ended up loving this year. This subscription box is made by and empowered by Latina entrepreneurs, and small business owners, each box features products from different Latin american countries. They will give a description of the item, where it was made and sometimes even who made it. To me being a Latina myself, I think it’s amazing to see women from Hispanic countries taking part in this movement, creating products and hand crafting pieces for this box. This is definitely a movement I want to support, so I do. Not only do I like what the box stands for tho, I am always impressed with what comes inside. This subscription is $39.99 a month and features make-up, face products, accessories, make-up bags, change purses, candles and so much more!


Pottery – Learning a new hobby 

IMG_4026.jpg IMG_4024.jpg

For as long as I can remember I always wanted to take a pottery class, so in September of 2019 I took the leap and signed up for a class. I ended up not only loving it but becoming obsessed with the art of creating these unique and imperfect pieces. Since the classes end, I became a resident in the pottery program and continue to work on my pieces. Pottery to me is not only a way to create beautiful art but it became a stress reliever for me. I would go to the studio at night when nobody was there, put in my headphones and spend hours throwing clay and making these pieces. Some of them I hated, some I loved and some I felt indifferent about. I want to encourage you guys, to find something you love that is also a stress reliever. Whether that’s working out, painting, cooking, drawing, doing pottery etc. Having a space where you can zone out and just create something is one of the most amazing feelings. I will stick with pottery for as long as it remains fun, and relaxing! I encourage you guys to find your fun!



One thought on “2019 Favorites

  1. Your finished pottery pieces look really good for a beginner. Good thing you decided to do it since you are natural 🙂 Since I was very little, besides cartoons, I wanted to watch different
    (mostly old ways) crafts that the national TV in my country was showing. Pottery was something that really captivated my attention. Hope you continue doing what it calms you and inspires you.
    Happy New Year 🙂

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