Making Money From Home!

It took me a solid year to learn all the different ways you can make money from home. Some things I enjoyed doing while other tasks weren’t for me. Its all about deciding what you love to do and figuring out how you can make money from it!

  1. Selling your old clothes Online! I have a whole blog post about this, with the step-by-step process on how to sell, so go check that out! Clothes for me was something I knew I loved, I loved shopping, and I loved making different outfits, so when it came to selling clothes I found that I was pretty good at it. With Apps like Merci, Vinted, and even Thredup you can make money off of the clothing items in your closet you don’t wear anymore.
  2. Sell your old clothes in-store! Now this is something I haven’t touched on yet, and  I have only been doing this within the last 6 months but here’s what I learned. There are second hand retail shops that will pay for your clothes. Place like Plato’s Closet, Buffalo Exchange and other local boutiques. If you type into your google finder “places to sell clothes” a list of local vendors will pop up! You simply put all the items you want to sell into a bag and take it to the retail shop of your choice. They’re going to decide which piece’s of clothing from your collection they want to buy, they’ll offer you either store credit or cash and your on your way from there!
  3. Dog Sit! Dog sitting is one of those tasks that you have to love to do. I use the App called Rover which allows me to decide wether I want to watch dogs, cats or other animals. If I want to dog sit at my house or watch the animal at the owners house. You can plug in your availability and fill out a small “about me” section and rover will alert you when they have a match.  The awesome thing about Rover is the amount of money you can make if you decide to. For example I watched a golden retriever for 5 days at the owners house, and ended up making around 640$. Depending on the area that you live in and the need for dog sitters will depend on the amount you make!
  4. Sell your crafts on Etsy! Now not everyone is crafty, but I guarantee you, there is something everyone can sell on Etsy. Go to the Etsy website, sign up, snap a couple quick pictures of the item, upload it and start selling! You can make money selling homemade jewelry, greeting cards, tie-dye items, or even things you’ve knitted/ crocheted. The neat thing about Etsy is you get to be expressive with your ideas and creativity. You can make a page entirely dedicated to the crafts and ideas you like to create.
  5. Care,com! Watching kids, becoming a full time nanny, or even just babysitting a few nights a week can be a quick and easy way to bring in extra funds! With its easy to create a profile and set it to the availability and number of kids you want to watch. Even if this is your first time watching kids. is a great way to gain experience and earn money doing it. Watching kids is something you have to like to do, but if you dedicate the time, you’ll earn the money. I nanny two twin boy babies, I booked the job through, and I’m loving every moment of my time with the family!

Minimalistic/ Capsule Wardrobe

The key to having a capsule wardrobe is: having pieces in your wardrobe that you are able to wear over and over again, with many different accessories and for many different events.  You can ask fifty different people about their capsule wardrobes and you’ll get fifty different answers. There is no right or wrong way to have a capsule wardrobe, its entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Some people prefer to have 5 pairs of jeans that they wear over and over; whereas someone else might only have one pair of jeans, but three pairs of leggings. First thing to consider is going through your clothes and recognizing what your favorite pieces are, and which pieces you don’t actually wear. For me, Im an addict for shirts, tunics, blouses and tanks. The truth of the matter though is, I only wear about 25% of the shirts in my closet, so why not just keep that 25%. Condensing your wardrobe helps you get better use out of the clothing your actually wearing on a regular basis. When it comes to jeans, you don’t need seven pairs of jeans that look exactly the same. Pick the pair of jeans that you find yourself reaching for the most, also when condensing your wardrobe consider which item are better made and will last the longest. You don’t want an item for example that you got from forever 21, thats gonna rip a few months from now. Going through my bottoms, I choose to keep my favorite pair of skinny jeans, a pair of boyfriend style jeans, and a single pair of flare jeans, condensing my jeans from a considerable eleven pairs to only three, already frees up lots of room in my closet! Next Going through my tops, I keep three of about fifteen lacy, flowing, bouncy tops that I own. Keeping only three makes wearing them mandatory, so make sure you choose wisely.  I also ended up keeping three plain tunics and four tank tops that I wear under my clothing. You can tailor your capsule wardrobe to the season, obviously fall and winter you are going to have more long sleeves and sweaters; whereas summer you might switch those pieces out for some tank tops or short sleeve shirts. You can also minimize your shoes, jewelry, handbags etc. to help free up more space. For me personally. when it comes to my wardrobe I do not capsule my undergarments. I keep as many underwear, socks and bras that I need, not worrying about how many I have. This is because I never want to run out of these items if for example I don’t do my laundry that week. Like I mentioned early each and every capsule wardrobe is different and its whatever feels comfortable for you. Even minimizing your wardrobe by a few items will free up space and allow you to see what you do wear and what you do not wear!



Re-sell your old clothes for money!

It’s time for some spring cleaning, going through your closet and getting rid of old clothes can seem like a huge burden, but selling them for money can give you the incentive you need to get the job done! First thing to do is go through your wardrobe and decide what you wear and what you don’t wear. We all have a tendency to hold on to things we don’t wear in hopes we’ll wear it someday. If you find yourself stuck on a piece of clothing wanting to keep it but knowing you probably won’t wear it, go with your gut and put it in the “get rid of” pile. Otherwise ask yourself, do I have anything that matches this? will I wear this at least twice in the next month? can i make money off this item to buy something I’ll actually wear? Once your wardrobe is separate into two piles “Keep” and “get rid of”. Hang your clothes from the keep pile back up in the closet and give yourself a pat on the back, that wasn’t an easy task! Next split your “Get rid of pile” into two piles, one is things you can sell, the other is things to throw away. Clothes that should be thrown away are items with holes, anything well worn, items with stains or markings on them, if you would’t want to wear it chances are neither will someone else. Once you have those two piles, put the “get rid of” items in a garbage bag and tosses them out. Any items that are in good condition, but you know you’ll never wear, these could be pieces like old prom dresses or cocktail dresses, jeans, cardigans, sweaters, hoodies, shoes, purses etc. Lay them out and lets get started. I like to upload items using apps on my cell phone this makes keeping everything organized very easy, plus when items get sold Im alerted instantly. I have two apps that I swear by! Vinted and Merci, these two apps allow you to upload photos directly from your phone, list a price and submit, all in a short few minutes. To get started you’ll need to pick a space in your house that gets lots of light, preferably at blank wall that allows the camera to pick up the detail on the clothing item. Hang your item on a hanger and place it on the wall (or the space of your choice). Snap three photos of your item on your phone, one picture should feature the entire front of the garment. The second item should feature the tag(with the name of the brand and the size). The third picture should feature the entire back of the garment. Upload them to the app, fill out the quick 5 min questionnaire about the garment and hit submit! When your item gets sold, place the item in a envelope and ship it to the address the app provides for you, and watch the money coming in!

Carbs that won’t break your diet!

Sometimes, who am I kidding, most times, when I’m at work or school or running errands all my mind seems to want to think about is dinner. What I’m going to have, how I’m gonna keep it healthy, and which recipe to choose from. Today I was consumed in thought with Shrimp Scampi, the problem with shrimp scampi is the calorie dense ingredients that go into it. So for dinner tonight, I made skinny shrimp scampi, with veggie pasta. I ran to Krogers after I finished up my workout at the gym and got my ingredients. Frozen Shrimp (fresh are better but frozen will save you money$). Fresh Parsley,  Mushrooms (my own twist, but you can add any vegetables that you enjoy), and vegetable boxed pasta. When I got home I pulled out butter, milk, a cutting board and olive oil. First things first, open your frozen shrimps and put them in a bowl of cold water; this allows them to defrost while you boil your pasta. Then get your pot of water for pasta, pop it on the stove and boil the water, add 2 tbsp of olive oil to the water this way when you do eventually add the pasta it won’t stick together. Grab your cutting board and sharp knife, wash and slice mushrooms, push them aside, grab the fresh parsley,  rinse under the sink; cut 1/3 of the parsley into small pieces. Put parsley aside and grab the onion, only using half cut into pieces and finally 1 clove of garlic. When the pasta water is boiling put your vegetable pasta in the pot and let boil, after 10 min pull pasta from boiling water with-out dumping remaining water. In the remaining pasta water put frozen shrimp in water and let boil for 2 mins. While thats boiling, grab a new pan put two tsp olive oil and heat on stove, put onion and garlic in the pan when the olive oil heats up, when the onion browns but the parsley and mushrooms( vegetables) in pan until soft, drain the shrimp from pasta water and put shrimp in the new sizzling pan. Add 2 tbsp butter and 2 tbsp white wine. Add a dash of milk and cook on stove for 7 mins. After fully cooked take off the stove and your scampi is finished, add pasta to plate and put as much of that shrimp goodness on top as you can manage!

What You’ll Need: Olive oil, Fresh parsley(or dried), butter, white wine, mushrooms or other veggies, Frozen shrimp, milk, veggie pasta or whole grin pasta, onion, garlic clove

1 24 oz bag of Frozen Shrimp                                   1 Box of vegetable or whole grain pasta

1/2 onion                                                                       10 medium size mushrooms

1 clove garlic                                                                1/2 cup of parsley

2tbs olive oil                                                                 2 tbs butter

2tbs white wine                                                           2tbs milk (whole or 2%)


The Happy and minimalist part

This is my first post on my first blog and I gotta say Im a bit nervous. How do I start?, What do I write?, Will anyone want to read this?. So, I guess I’ll just start by telling you a bit about me and this blog. Im a 22 year old nanny and part time college student. I nanny for two beautiful new born twin boys full time, and attend online classes as well as try to maintain a social life, needless to say I’m a busy bee! I am proud and ecstatic to say that I am at a point in my life where I am happy and more then that Im content. It hasn’t  always been like that, But over the years I have developed a routine and way of life that allows me to maintain a loving and healthy lifestyle. That’s what I wanna share on this blog! Its gonna be a bit of everything, from my love for cooking, to my minimalist fashion sense, you’ll get all the best here. I love cooking homemade meals, I have a kick-ass workout routine and hit the gym four to five times a week. I love gardening and baking awesome breads and other carbohydrates, I’ll teach you how to clean out your wardrobe, sell the clothes you don’t want and wear what you have! Hope you guys stick around this is gonna be good!