Whitening your teeth naturally

Hey there my lovelies! Since I’ve been bored in self quarantine, I’ve decided to make self care a top priority. It’s important now more then ever to take care of your mental health and physical health. There are a few things on my self care list that I want to tackle now while I have the time. One of those things is teeth whiting. It’s not that I want a full set of pearly white teeth (tho that would be nice). It’s more that I want to get rid of stains and any pigmentation. In this blog post Im gonna share natural ways to whiten your teeth as well as foods and drinks to avoid! 

Teeth Whiting Products


The first thing I want to talk about is the tooth paste and tooth brush I use. When it comes to tooth brushes, you need something that is strong and durable, without being to hard. I used to love using wooden tooth brushes and I still think they are awesome for kids. As for adults tho, the wooden tooth brushes I used, were never tough enough to get off all the stains and food in my teeth. They would end up falling apart more quickly then normal tooth brushes and it was more of a hassle then it was worth. Even though I hate plastic I did end up getting an Oral B tooth brush, nothing electronic just a regular old tooth brush. This brush is awesome, its got smaller bristles to get into the tight corners of your mouth and it is harsh enough to make sure you are truly cleaning your teeth. As for tooth paste I am using the Crest 3D White toothpaste with charcoal. Again I have used all the organic and natural toothpastes under the sun and this is the only one that actually works for me. The charcoal is an add bonus, choral is known to remove tough stains. 

DIY Teeth Whiting

On top of my normal brushing routine, I also take steps to ensure I remove as many stains as possible. One of the oldest tricks in the book is baking soda, and yes it does really work! The best part is, a box of baking soda is about $0.98. 

  • There are a couple different ways you can use baking soda to whiten your teeth.One is to simply put some baking soda on your tooth brush and brush with it. It doesn’t taste good but it gets the job done.
    • Two is to mix the baking soda in with water and use it as a mouth wash. Again does not taste good but gets the job done. 
  • Dentist Recommended1 tsp toothpaste, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 tsp hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 tsp water
    • Mix in a reusable container, brush for two minutes, once a week
  • Gentle enough to use everyday1 tsp lemon juice & 1 tsp baking soda
    • After you have brushed with toothpaste, apply this mixture with a cotton swab and leave on for 2 minutes everyday
  • Simple one step whitingAnother simple ingredient that removes stains is apple cider vinegar
    • Rub the apple cider on your teeth with a cotton swab, leave for 5 minutes then rinse

Foods to avoid for white teeth

We have all heard that certain foods cause yellow stains to appear on your teeth. Things like coffee, tea, sodas, smoking cigarettes, alcohol, etc. There are certain foods that cause yellow teeth however that were a surprise to even me! Foods like tomato sauce, blueberries, beets, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, blackberries and more. I am obviously not telling you to stop eating these foods, especially things like coffee or sodas, which aren’t realistic to simply stop drinking. There are ways to prevent teeth stains tho. For drinks try using a straw, to avoid staining your teeth. This helps ensure the liquid won’t coat your teeth while you are drinking it. For food try using your back teeth to chew, and avoid chewing with your front teeth. This may seem silly but it truly works!


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