Living minimally with a baby!

Living a minimalist lifestyle while having a baby is not always easy. I have some tips and tricks to share with you on how to live minimaly, shop ethically, and live healthy with your baby. This works for those who nanny, or care for infants as well.


Before you go shopping, go through the clothes you already have and see what they absolutely need. Your always gonna wanna get cute,fun clothes for the baby but most of the time it’s just not necessary. They grow out of thier clothes so fast at those early ages that spending money on silly clothing pieces will not only waste your money, but it’ll take up your space. When your going through your clothes, make a bag of any items that can be donated (their are always mama’s in need of infant clothing). Also, when looking for items you need, size up so they don’t grow out of them as quickly.

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PLACES TO BUY CLOTHES: When it comes to shopping ethically (which means you don’t support anything made in a sweat shop) its actually very simple. There are quite a few thrift shops for baby clothing specifically. Including: Once Upon a Child, Kid to Kid, Nesting Corner etc. Just type into your GPS child consignment shops an they will pop up. Don’t be afraid to shop for your child at thrift shops, just make sure to wash the clothing a few times before you use them.

Ethically made baby clothes:


Your obviously gonna wanna buy your baby or infant lots of toys and extra bits and bobs but try and limit what it is your buying. For every toy you buy donate one that they’ve grown out of or stopped playing with. A huge suggestion is to try wooden toys, it’ll prevent your child from sucking on harmful plastic chemicals and almost all wooden toys are made ethically in the US. Try getting toys that they can interact with, even if they are are young, it’ll get them a jumpstart on learning to use their hands.



When it comes to baby food and snacks it can be expensive to buy, so try making your own. It may seem costly at first but trust me you’ll save so much money in the end. You don’t need any of those fancy baby making machines to make your food, all you need is a blender. Add onto your weekly shopping list things like, sweet potatoes, apples, avocados, even dates and nuts. When it comes to actually making the food, for things like sweet potato, boil it in water until its soft then simply put it in the blender till its like paste. Avocados and other soft fruits you can mush up with a fork and feed as is. And for dates and nuts, mix them into the blender with other foods. Be careful with allergies, this is gonna be the time when you discover what they are allergic to. You might want to invest in a humidifier to make soft apple chips, sweet potato chips, or banana chips as snacks for your baby. (Don;t let the fruit sit in the humidifier for to long, just till soft).



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