New Drugstore Collections Worth Trying!


I should start out by saying this collection is gorgeous! As soon as I saw this in the aisle it caught my eye immediately. This collection consists of two different foundations, one is a bottle with a pump, when you apply it, leaves a dewy finish. They also have a cushion foundation, which when applied leaves a more matte finish. This collection has a concealer palette as well as a highlighter and bronzer palette. By far tho, my favorite product from this collection are the “Shimmeresta” they are dropped dead beautiful. They are a finely milled shimmer, which comes in a large size tin, to use for highlighter, eyeshadow and anything else you want. If there is one thing I recommend trying from this collection its the shimmers 

52f938c21723b7fddc748b5c98a6bd98.jpg  f95bdb560543c40684c674ac1f04c968.jpg


Burts Bee’s has come out with a new makeup line that is definitely worth trying. I have tried the new foundation in this collection and I must say Im a fan. Now I normally never wear foundation (ever), but I was going to an event and I needed to pick some up. I choose Burts Bee’s because there are not as many chemicals and Its an organic brand. This foundation is beautiful, its light but also covers wonderfully, (not full coverage). For someone like me who’s not used to wearing any foundation, I couldn’t even tell I had it on. In this collection they also have, powders, blush and lipsticks!

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 2.26.25 PM.png DfVur_rX4AAPRL3.jpg



Im gonna start of my saying this collection isn’t for everyone. It has a lot of metallic colors in the collection, that you’re either gonna love or hate. The reason I’m including this in the collections you should try is because the quality of these products are amazing. If you like to play around with your makeup, or wear different color shadows and lipsticks then this collection is for. I also suggest tho, that even if you like basic makeup you step out of your comfort zone and try at least one product from this collection. In this collection they have Blushes which more or less look and feel like highlighters, they have highlighter palettes, lipsticks and lip toppers. Lip toppers are gonna be to put over another lip shade to add a metallic glow. 

2212880426dfb9154d55177eebe6e67b.jpg 994a640dda282de6e01df85e8ebb014e.jpg


This collection reminds me so much of the MAC Pop collection that came out sometime ago. The packing is very animated, using all sorts of different colors, it really catches your eye! The first thing I tried in this collection where the lip shades, although not my normal nudes, I like the consistency and long wear of them. The blushes in this palette are gorgeous, they’re very pigmented with just a hint of shimmer. They also have a beautiful hummingbird imprint in the center of the blush. My least favorite part of the collection are the eye shadows, they come in more peachy colors and almost all are shimmery. I have never been a fan of wet and wild eyeshadows, although I know plenty of people who swear by them. The only thing I can say is give them a try!



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