What to pack in your beach bag!

Summertime is upon us, which means lots of day tripping. Now whether you go to the beach, lake, inlet, or another sandy, sun-filled spot, you’ll need a bag full of essential so you can relax and have an amazing day!


 First thing you’ll need is a beach bag, one that you love, but thats big enough to fit everything you want to bring. Now my advice is to use a book bag instead of an over the shoulder bag, this will help keep the weight evenly disputed and not give you shoulder pains from lugging the beach bag all around town.



Don’t forget your Sunscreen! No matter what your skin tone is, or how tan you want to be always protect your skin. Sunscreen prevents all the harmful uv rays from giving you a nasty burn, and will also help your skin in the long run. Sunscreens can tend to break me out if I put them on my face, so get yourself a sunscreen specially designed  for your face and neck. This won’t have as many pore clogging products in it, but will still allow you to keep protected from the sun!

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These are a few of my favorite sunscreen products

Bring Entertainment! Everyone always loves spending time at the beach, but after a few hours it can tend to get kind of repetitive.  Always bring things to keep you excited to be at the beach. Books, Cosmo, Celebrity magazines, or even your kindle, reading will pass time, while allowing you to work on that awesome tan!


Beach towel and Extra Clothing! Always bring the biggest beach towel you can find, this will make tanning, reading and relaxing much easier. Bring a change of clothes just in case! The clothes you wore to the beach are bound to get soaked by the water or your bathing suit, so always bring extra in case you decide you wanna go to dinner or play mini golf after your done at the beach. 

Keep Hydrated! Always bring a large bottle of water to the beach to keep you hydrated. The sun and sand will soak all water out of your body so its important to keep yourself drinking water so you don’t faint! Invest in a cute water bottle and this will make you want to take it with you everywhere you go!

Extra Cash, something to snack on, and waterproof phone case! Bring cash to the beach, in case you decide you want ice cream or to grab a quick drink for yourself. Food places by the water will always be more expensive then normal, so make sure to pack a healthy quick snack, you are gonna be at the beach all day, so you’re bound to get hungry! Waterproof cases for your phone will make sure the sand, water and salt stay out of your phone, it can also allow you to take some crazy cool under water pictures!


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