Become A Healthy Happy Morning Person!

I can admit that I was never a morning person, Id wake up groggy from sleep and not be a functioning human without two cups of coffee. I always felt though, that I missed a huge chunk of my day by sleeping in, Ive mastered a routine that makes me excited to get up in the morning. It is hard to get into the routine at first but your body and mind will thank you in the long run!

Drink your water

First things first, before you have your coffee or any food get an 8 oz glass of water in your system. Not only will this help you wake up, it’ll also help on your journey to weight loss, water speeds up your metabolism allowing you to digest food easier.a559c7f621f0f511d69075c732909254Now me personally I hate drinking water, so I always add something to make the water go down easier. Adding lemon, lime or fruit, will trick ur mind into thinking your drinking something other then water. Drinking your 8oz of water with lemon will help speed ur metabolism and improve ur skins health dramatically.

Do your stretches

Stretching in the morning, is an easy way to start your day off right. You don’t have to be a pro at yoga to stretch your body, simply move and allow your body loosen up. Stretching will also help in your workouts later on in the week. keeping your body constantly loose will allow for a better run, or workout routine. Practice breathing in and out and let your mind go to a place of peace .


Eat a Healthy breakfast and don’t forget your caffeine!

Time for breakfast, everyone knows whats healthy and whats not healthy. And whats healthy for my body won’t always work for your body. I am a vegan so my breakfast, I guarantee will look a lot different then yours. Before I went vegan I ate scrambled eggs, on whole wheat toast with an avocado. People love to say how carbs are bad for you but not all are. Having a filling breakfast will make you less likely to binge throughout the day

ffc0ba9d6172ed697bc2e22bbe0bd2b0Don’t forget about your caffeine, allow your self to have that cup of coffee you so desperately need in the morning. My only suggestion would be to try to cut out as much sugar in your coffee as possible. Instead of creamer use almond milk and some raw sugar. Making a simple change like that will cut your sugar intake dramatically.

Shower routine

Make sure when you shower and get ready in the morning your using products that make you feel good. It may seem silly but having a body wash that smells like your favorite fruit will release endorphins in your mind making you happier. Allow your self time in the shower to let the hot water release body tension. When you create a morning routine you enjoy you’ll be excited to get in the shower and start your day off right.48b89aa0127a6a12750a0ff3c285c544.jpg

One thought on “Become A Healthy Happy Morning Person!

  1. Love these tips!
    I don’t have too much time in the morning as I want to leave before any traffic jam starts, but I can definitely do the water and stretches!


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