вαcĸ тo ѕcнool: colleɢe ɴeѕѕecιтιeѕ

It's that time of year again, getting ready to go back to school, college classes are starting and its time to get yourself some new school supplies! As a former college student, I have a few tips and tricks on what are necessities and what you should pass on! First things first is a backpack, … Continue reading вαcĸ тo ѕcнool: colleɢe ɴeѕѕecιтιeѕ

What to pack in your beach bag!

Summertime is upon us, which means lots of day tripping. Now whether you go to the beach, lake, inlet, or another sandy, sun-filled spot, you'll need a bag full of essential so you can relax and have an amazing day!  First thing you'll need is a beach bag, one that you love, but thats big … Continue reading What to pack in your beach bag!

Become A Healthy Happy Morning Person!

I can admit that I was never a morning person, Id wake up groggy from sleep and not be a functioning human without two cups of coffee. I always felt though, that I missed a huge chunk of my day by sleeping in, Ive mastered a routine that makes me excited to get up in … Continue reading Become A Healthy Happy Morning Person!