Cause Box: Unboxing

Hey there my lovelies! Today’s Un-boxing is on a subscription service I absolutely adore. Today we are un-boxing “The CauseBox”, this seasonally delivered box holds 6 to 8 hand curated products for women. Each Product has a story, CauseBox has partnered with and serve different charities to help them raise funds, reach more people, and tell their stories of empowerment and impact.

A few past charity partners include: Freedom Firm, Speak Your Silence, The Jessie Reese Foundation, Trees for the Future, Books for Africa, and more!

This box’s cost $54.99, and you get one each season! You can always find coupon codes to get 20% off or 10$ off your orders. I ended up paying just about 30$ after coupons for this box. This reminds me a lot of the Fab Fit Fun Box, however it is more personal and each product is chosen for the simple reason of helping those who created them. Let’s Get Started!

Leave your email down below and i’ll send you a $10 off coupon!

Metamorphic Jade Roller


This Metamorphic Jade Roller is by the brand “Luna Nectar” and retails for $25.00. According to CauseBox this product encourages deeper absorption of moisturizers, and it rejuvenates, tones and massages tired facial muscles, revealing natural contours and improving elasticity. You can also stick this roller in the fridge or freezer to cool it down, then run it under your eyes to improve dark circles and puffiness. This is one of those beauty tools that has been used by women and men for many generations. This was used on women in China during the ancient times as a form of relaxation.

Klei Nourish Pink Clay Mask

IMG_0270 (1).jpg

This nourishing pink clay mask is by the company “Klei” and retails for $38.00. This product is Vegan, Cruelty Free and made in the USA. According the website this gentle clarifying mask works to soften and soothe any skin type, using a calming blend of French Rose Clay, Coconut Milk, and Chamomile. This is a 3oz container, they also offer this product in a 1oz container if you want to test it out before buying the full size. Since this is a fine powder the instructions say to add lukewarm water till you get a paste that won’t drip down your face. They offer these clay masks in three different types. The pink clay mask (featured above), the yellow clay mask, and the green clay mask. Each are targeted toward different problems and each are scented different.



This gorgeous necklace is by the company “Marina De Buchi” and retails for $39.00. Part of the proceeds of this necklace go to fighting human trafficking, which I think is amazing. This is a medium length necklace with a gold chain and a gold sun pendent on the end. My favorite part of this is the little quote at the top that reads “You are my sunshine”. CauseBox sent out two different versions of this necklace, one has a sun and one has a moon. There is a three clasp closure making it easy to adjust to the size you need.



This tan vegan leather clutch is by the brand “Glass Ladder & CO” and retails for $120.00. When I first pulled this product out of it’s packaging I was a little worried, because it felt and smelled of real leather. However, after doing a ton of research I found this clutch is 100% Vegan Leather. I love brands that stand by being Vegan and don’t contribute to animal cruelty. This clutch was sent out in three shades, either this light taupe-tan shade, a royal deep blue shade or a light baby pink shade. Obviously I received the tan color which I don’t mind at all, with a color like this, any outfit will pair well with it. It is extremely well made, sturdy and won’t rip at the seams.



This Turkish Towel is by the company “Fair Sea’s Supply CO.” and retails for $44.00. The website says this is a gorgeous and limitlessly versatile Turkish Towel made sustainably out of Certified Organic cotton. This again was sent out in two different colors, a tan and white neutral color and a navy blue and white nautical color. These towels are created and curated in Hawaii, which is also where the company is located. They are supposed to be lightweight and good for the environment. This type of product is right up my ally, I love Eco friendly products that are made to help support our Eco system.



This set of three nail polishes is by the company “Zoya” and retails for $30.00 Zoya is a pretty well known brand, I have only tried out one Zoya nail polish before. I received one in my Birchbox many years ago. This brand is known to have high quality nail polishes, but they can be a bit pricey. Everyone received the same three polishes in their CauseBox. There is a deep pink shade, a stark white shade, and orange-ish naked manicure perfecter. I don’t know the names off the top of my head, but if you are interested leave me a comment and i’ll send you the names. I get my nails done at a salon, so I don’t think I will get too much use out of these but I was nonetheless pleasantly surprised to received these in my box.



This insulated tumblr is by the brand “Reduce”, and retails for $13.00. It keeps drinks cold for up to twelve hours, or hot for up to six hours. It’s shatter proof, so it won’t break if you drop it, and with a vacuum sealed lid, nothing leaks. I have a ton of taller tumblr’s that I use for drinks, smoothies, green tea etc, it’s nice however that this one is smaller and compact. The look is very unique, with the rounded bottom, it’s a similar shape to a wine glass. CauseBox sent these out in two colors either this charcoal gray or white. These are an amazing way to reduce the amount of waste you use. Instead of plastic water bottles, help improve our landfills and fill this with ice and water.



This gorgeous macrame plant hanger is by the brand “Altru” and retails for $15.00. This kind of thing is exactly my style. The white rope, and beautiful braided detail, makes it a perfect fit in any living room or bedroom. This can also hold other things besides plants, like fruit bowls, or decorative bowls or pots. Proceeds for this product were used to plant over 8,000 tree’s that were damaged by recent wildfires. This makes a great gift item, or addition to your house. It’s simple and delicate, but can also we washed and hung dry.

Total of this box: $334.00

Was it worth it: This box is absolutely worth the price! I was so happy with the products I received, and the products featured are just my style. I am 100% going to be proceeding with my subscription to this box! The only thing I did not like, was that they didn’t send a paper with the all different products you’re getting as well as the price. I had to go to the CauseBox website to figure that out. Over all I was pleasantly surprised with this box.

3 thoughts on “Cause Box: Unboxing

  1. If you want to use those nail polishes maybe you could ask the person doing your nails to use it instead of one of their colors unless they don’t allow outside nail products in their salon. Everything looks so awesome though!!

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