Sips By: Subscription Un-boxing

Hey there my lovelies! This week I am doing a week of Subscription Box Posts! Subscription Boxes are some of my favorite services to try out. I look forward to them arriving and enjoy the surprise of what I might get. This month I used Instagram Ads to find different monthly services that I wanted to try out for you guys! I’ll review the box and let you know what I think and If the box is worth the money or not.

Today we are talking about the monthly subscription box called: Sips By

Sips By is a personalized service where they send you a variety of tea’s from around the world for only $15 a month. When you first sign up, you are prompted to a personal preference page. This is where you tell the company, the flavors you enjoy, how much caffeine if any at all you would like in your teas, whether you like loose leaf or bagged tea and so on. After you have received your box you can go back on to the website and rate each on a scale from one to five, five meaning you loved it. This way each box, is more tailored to what you like.

To get 10% off your first box use code: 10OFF14L2Y 


Here’s what I got!

Tipson Tea: Blueberry Matcha


This Blueberry Matcha Tea is by the company Tipson Tea. This is described as having Organic Matcha, Organic Green Tea, and Natural Blueberry Flavor. With a medium caffeine level this tea is sweet and refreshing without being overwhelming. As soon as you dip this tea into hot water, you are instantly hit with the aroma of sugar coated blueberries. I made this plain with only a teaspoon of honey and enjoyed it so much. I also put this over ice, and made a hot cup with lemon and honey. I loved this tea so much I actually ended up purchasing the full size box, which retails for $7.99, but if you buy it from Sips By you get a dollar off.

Here’s what the company had to say: Enjoy juicy blueberries and the invigorating refreshment of organic matcha green tea. This blend provides an energy and concentration boost without the side effects of excessive caffeine.

Organic Mint Moringa Tea: Miracle Tree


This is an organic mint tea by the company Miracle Tree. This is a caffeine free tea with notes of Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaves & Natural Mint Flavor. I love mint tea, any kind, if it has notes of mint in it, i’m all for it. This tea is refreshing especially during the hot days, add this tea over ice with a bit of lemon and honey and you’ll be satisfied. This is also perfect if you don’t drink caffeine, have a hot cup of this in the morning to help wake you up, and open your sinus. A full size box retails for $6.95 but if you buy it through Sips By it cost only $4.95.

Here’s what the company has to say: Moringa leaves contain over 90 nutrients – including 47 antioxidants, 25 vitamins & minerals, and all 9 essential amino acids. Miracle Tree’s Moringa is 100% vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, ethically sourced, and caffeine-free. Miracle Tree won a Gold Star at the 2015 Great Taste Award for their Original Moringa Tea!

English Tea N0.1: Ahmad Tea


This English Tea is by the company Ahmad Tea, it’s high in caffeine, and has notes of bergamont in it. This is the only tea in the box I was not excited to receive, and that’s simply because I am not a huge fan of English Tea. The thing about tea is none of them are bad, it just depends on your personal preference. I prefer my tea to be fruity or refreshing, English Tea is too dense for my liking. A full size box of this retails for $4.50 but if you buy it through the website you pay $3.60. I feel like however you can go into any grocery store and buy an English tea for around the same price, if not cheaper.

Here’s what the company has to say: Ahmad Tea is a British family business with over four generations of passion for producing the finest teas. Their comprehensive range of classic black teas, delicious fruit teas, healthy green teas, and natural herbal infusions are sold in over 80 countries around the world!

Rose Earl Gray: Tea Drops


This is the only tea I don’t have a picture of,  I used them up before I could take it. This is a Rose Earl Gray tea by the company Tea Drops. I had never seen or even heard of this product before but apparently it is a popular item. Essentially there is no tea bag and it is not a loose leaf tea, but one solid form, that you drop into your tea and it dissolves. I absolutely adored this product and recently went to the website and ordered a variety box of different flavors of tea from this company. The one thing I will say is it is a fairly large tea solid so if you put it into a normal size tea cup it is going to be very strong. I suggest cutting it in half or making a pint of it. I let this sit in hot water than added lemon and honey, it was refreshing and the rose was not overwhelming. On the website they have a ton of different flavors to choose from. This specific tea drop is high in caffeine, but won’t leave you feeling jittery. Full size of this product retails for $10.00, but if you buy it through Sips By it takes $1.50 off.

Here’s what the company has to say: Bold and royal, this organic Earl Grey Tea Drop has a distinctive flavor of Bergamot orange with a hint of English rose. You’re just a drop away from your perfect cuppa!

Was this box worth it?: I absolutely think so, this box is right up my ally. I got four different types of tea and they gave me four of each, (16 tea bags total). This is a box I am actually looking forward to receiving again, everything is customized to you and your taste buds. If you are a tea lover like me, I would highly recommended giving this box a try!

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