How To Earn A Living Blogging

Hey there my lovelies! Today were talking about how to earn a living blogging. I wanted to start blogging for years, but I was always so hesitant, because I didn’t know if anyone would read it. I am so happy I started tho, not only do I have an outlet for my thoughts, but I love my fellow blogging community and followers. It is an amazing community and everyone is so supportive, so, let’s get started.

Step 1: Pick a name and start blogging


Picking your blog name is a very important step! You want a name that incorporates all the things you want to blog about. Take time to go through a few names, and pick the one that you feel suits you the best. I choose “The happy minimalist girl”, because I wanted people to know you can be happy with the small things in life. You don’t need all the new fancy things, and to spend so much money on expensive items. It allows me to blog about things I like and activities I enjoy. Another tip is to focus on the topic you want to blog about, whether its cooking, beauty & make-up, fashion, lifestyle etc. Once you’ve decided on a name it’s time to start blogging! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself when first start to blog, Simply blog about the things you want to write about, you’ll get constructive criticism from the blogging community to help tailor your blog to your readers.

Step 2: Gaining Followers 


In order to get your blog to succeed, you need to start gaining followers. The more people reading your blog the more revenue you can create. Now it’s very important to understand that you are writing for others to read. So when people leave comments telling you what they like and what they don’t like, take that to heart. If you are stubborn and not listening to what people are telling you, no one is going to want to participate in your community. Don’t take the constructive criticism as hate, everyone wants to see you succeed and their participating in ways to help you. Your audience should be your number one priority. Now their are a million and one ways to gain followers and I did a whole post about it which I’ll link. One of the best ways is to interact with other bloggers. Start following blogs about things you enjoy. Comment and give feedback on their posts, and let them know you have started a blog of your own. The blogging community is an amazing place full of people there to follow and encourage you. Reach out to family and friends and let them know you started a blog and would appreciate if they followed. And lastly start social media pages for your blog. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, places where you can interact with others and let everyone know when you uploaded a new blog post.

Step 3: Google Ads & Other Ad Platforms 


This is one if not the main way your going to start making money through your blog. When I signed up for they gave me a certain amount of google ad cents for free. Meaning I can create ads on google with the code I got from wordpress. Ads are amazing, they offer your blog to be seen by a wider variety of people, from all over the world. Again the more people that come to your blog, the more revenue you create. You can also purchase ads on Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social media platforms for a small amount of money. You will earn the money you spend on ads back, by the amount of traffic that comes flowing into your blog. I wouldn’t recommend doing ads until you have a significant amount of followers and your blog traffic is consistent. You need to put in the work to get the rewards.

Step 4: Create A Blog Email


Another important step in creating a revenue for your blog, is to create a dedicated email for your blog. Now only use this email for your blog and not junk mail or personal reasons. Having a place for followers and companies to get in touch with you on a regular basis is a must have. If your blog is taking off and companies want you to review products or get in touch with you they need a place to do so. And if your inbox is full of a ton of mail you don’t read, their messages will get lost in the mess. It’s important for followers and companies to know your reliable and take your blog seriously.

Step 5: Reach Out to Companies 


When you feel like your blog is taking off, you don’t have to wait for companies to reach out to you. You can find products you believe in, products you would enjoy trying out or products you like and shoot the company a message. Let them know you have a blog, write them a sincere letter as to why you think your blog would be a good choice for them to try out and don’t forget to link your blog. Don’t feel discouraged if companies don’t respond, most of the time they have a ton of products going out and they are genuinely busy. They also might feel like your blog isn’t a good suit for their product and that is completely okay. You want the company that is investing in your blog to be happy with what you are putting out. Don’t change the way you blog, or say things for money. It’s your blog and your followers were there from the beginning.

Step 6: Have Fun


Last but not least, have fun with your blog. People notice when you genuinely enjoy what you are doing, and aren’t just blogging to make money. It’s important to stick to your moral code and not change for companies. Remember your followers are your first priority, if they feel like you are being fake or untrue to your self they will unfollow. Then you will loose the reason why you started blogging in the first place. Have fun with your blog, create quality content about thing you enjoy and simply be happy with the post you are putting out! Good luck my lovelies!

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