Make-up Haul!!!

My make-up routine is very minimal to say the least. I like being able to get ready in the morning in under ten minutes, and honestly I just don’t have time to fuss with a whole make-up routine. I needed to replace a few of my make-up items so heres what I bought!


IMG_E0572.jpg IMG_E0582.jpg

I haven’t test out this palette yet, but from first glance its beautiful. I have absolutely no eyeshadow palettes in my collection, so I was looking for something I could wear everyday. These colors are vibrant and swatch beautifully. They also smell of chocolate! Although this is lovely I’m a bit worried they’ll break me out. They are creamy and silky, almost as if you’re putting on a cream shadow.


IMG_E0573.jpg IMG_E1105.jpg IMG_E1113.jpg

I have already raved about this collection! Here are the two I’ve decided to add to my make-up collection. The blush is in the color: “Natural Glow,” and the highlighter is in the shade: “Porcelain”. These do smell strongly of coconut, so be aware of that.  I have used these products for almost a week and so far nothing is breaking me out or causing irritation. I replaced my holy grail highlighter, which was by Urban Decay, with the butter highlighter.

img_e0583.jpg IMG_E1104 (1).jpg

I Ended up tossing my old mascara which was the Rimeal Voluminous lash, and swapping it out for this mascara. The Lash Paradise is an amazing dupe for the “Better Than Sex” mascara by Too Faced. I’ve used this product for about a week and have been loving it. Its thick and makes your lashes super voluminous!

Then I needed to replace my well loved and well worn, cover-up brush. I just picked this one up at target and I loved the color! I don’t use foundation only cover-up, so my brushes tend to get worn out often. IMG_E1121.jpg

Just for reference this is what my make-up collection looks like! As I told you, I only use very minimal make-up and thats just the way I like it. I would never be able to try a bunch of make-up products at once, especially not with the busy lifestyle I live.

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