Weight loss tips and tricks!

Before I start this blog post I want to preface with something first. You are beautiful just the way you are, no matter what size, shape, skin color, or other factors, your beautiful as long as you are you. I can understand the want to lose weight, but you have to go into weight loss with the right mentality. If you go into this journey thinking that you’ll be happier when your skinny, or you’ll be more attractive when your skinny, your gonna be disappointed. You need to love yourself for the person you are now, and understand that one: weight loss won’t happen over night, and two: you’re losing weight to be healthier not prettier.

That being said here are some tips and tricks to help live healthier!


Throughout this weight loss journey, water is going to be your new best friend. Get into the habit of drinking one tall glass of water right when you wake up, and before every meal. This will sped up your metabolism, curve your appetite and be amazing on your skin and hair.



I am a big soda drinker, I love drinking coke, sprite, pepsi , etc. Making the switch from soda to seltzer actually made me feel so much better. It made me less bloated, I didn’t break out from all the sugar, and I stopped replacing meals with sugary drinks. Even if you don’t drink soda, but you drink iced tea or other drinks that are basically all sugar, switch them out for a healthier alternative. Seltzer, coconut water, chocolate soy milk , etc.



Cut out all the bad fats from your diet and replace them with healthy fats. Healthy fats are things like avocado, salmon, nuts , etc. Bad fats are obviously excess carbohydrates, chips, butter, things of that nature. Your body needs fats, to make your hair silky, your skin vibrant and your nails strong. But putting bad fats into your body can be very harmful!



It’s okay to have a healthy dessert after dinner, you never wanna deprive yourself during this process. But make that your last meal of the night. Late night snacking is a huge tip to help lose weight. When you snack at night, you gain fat quicker, because your body has slowed down and won’t digest quickly. It will also make you super bloated the next morning and put you in a bad head space. I can understand that some nights you need to eat at night, whether you get off work late, or get home late. On these days chose fruit, nuts, and granola bars. These will be easy to digest and won’t leave you bloated.


I know this one seems silly, like how can sleep help you lose weight. If you get a good night sleep you are gonna be more apt to choose healthy foods that day. If your tired and groggy your gonna eat like crap cause you feel like crap. When you feel rested and rejuvenated your gonna be excited to take on the day and continue your weight loss journey!


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