Zero Waste Christmas!

Hello my lovelies! It has been a hectic last few weeks, but I am back and ready to jump head first into the Holiday Season! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, kwanza, or another holiday it's important we try to be as zero waste as possible. When it comes down to it, simply not using wrapping … Continue reading Zero Waste Christmas!

DIY & Other Homemade Products

Hey there my lovelies! I just recently made a blog post all about how to go zero-waste. One of my biggest tips I have is to find out what products you can make at home. So today I am talking all about beauty and home products, you can make yourself at home and make on … Continue reading DIY & Other Homemade Products

DIY Summer Projects!

COFFEE MUGS What you'll need: Plain White Coffee Mugs  You can get them from the dollar store, Walmart, or even thrift shops Permeant markers in a variety of colors An Idea of what Design you want on your mug    This is a very simple "Do It Yourself" project! All you'll need to do is … Continue reading DIY Summer Projects!