Ways to save money & pay off your debt

Follow my blog insta: thehappyminimalistgirl Hey there my lovelies! Today we are discussing money saving tips and how to start paying off your debt. Whether you have a mountain of debt or small payments, it can be stressful to know where to start, and it can feel like you'll never pay everything off. This blog … Continue reading Ways to save money & pay off your debt

Spring Cleaning Tips

Hey there my lovelies! It's the perfect time of the year to do a deep cleaning and de-cluttering of your home. The weather is getting warmer, so let's open all the windows, get some fresh air and get to cleaning! Purge what you no longer use The first step when spring cleaning is to get … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Tips

DIY & Other Homemade Products

Hey there my lovelies! I just recently made a blog post all about how to go zero-waste. One of my biggest tips I have is to find out what products you can make at home. So today I am talking all about beauty and home products, you can make yourself at home and make on … Continue reading DIY & Other Homemade Products

Starting a zero waste lifestyle

Blog Instagram: Thehappyminimalistgirl https://www.instagram.com/thehappyminimalistgirl/ Hey lovelies! In the last few weeks I have been doing a lot of research on a zero-waste lifestyle. This is something I have been interested in doing for awhile now. Zero-waste overall is a lifestyle where you cut out the plastic you use in your daily life, and switch it … Continue reading Starting a zero waste lifestyle

Eating healthy on a Budget!

Hey there lovelies! On my blog, I constantly promote ways to live a healthy lifestyle and eat clean. However, I know how expensive it can be to buy organic, fruits, vegetables, and overall healthy food. The honest truth is that half of the obesity rates are from families who can't afford to eat healthy. Breads, … Continue reading Eating healthy on a Budget!

Beauty products I have but never use

Hey there lovelies! Today were talking about some beauty products I either bought, were gifted or that came in a subscription box that I never use. I was DE-cluttering my beauty table yesterday and realize there were quite a few products I have never worn or worn only once. Let's get started! Revolution: Highlighter PaletteĀ  … Continue reading Beauty products I have but never use

Finding your perfect foundation

Hey there my lovelies! Today we are talking all about how to find your perfect foundation. There are tons of different companies out there selling foundations, and it can be hard to weed out the ones that work for you and the ones that don't. In this post i'm gonna go through some different categories … Continue reading Finding your perfect foundation

Good Fats VS. Bad Fats

Hey there lovelies, today were talking all about the difference between good fats and bad fats. I think if you are on a weight-loss journey or a healthy eating lifestyle, you steer clear of all fats because you think they are all bad for you. When the reality is you need fats in your diet, … Continue reading Good Fats VS. Bad Fats

How To Earn A Living Blogging

Hey there my lovelies! Today were talking about how to earn a living blogging. I wanted to start blogging for years, but I was always so hesitant, because I didn't know if anyone would read it. I am so happy I started tho, not only do I have an outlet for my thoughts, but I … Continue reading How To Earn A Living Blogging

Healthy Habits I Practice Everyday

Hey there my lovelies! Today were talking about some healthy habits I practice on a daily basis. Being healthy is not only about what you eat and when you work out. It's also about the lifestyle you live, and the things you surround yourself with. Here are some super simple things you can do to … Continue reading Healthy Habits I Practice Everyday