Singles Swag Subscription Box Worth it or not? + Giveaway!

Hey there my lovelies! This week I am doing a week of Subscription Box Posts! Subscription Boxes are some of my favorite services to try out. I look forward to them arriving and enjoy the surprise of what I might get. This month I used Instagram Ads to find different monthly services that I wanted to try out for you guys! I’ll review the box and let you know what I think and If the box is worth the money or not. I will also be giving away one product from each box to one of you!

This first post is on the monthly subscription service called “Singles Swag”. This box retails for $39.99 a month, here’s what the website had to say about the box:

What’s in the Box

Every month, enjoy full-sized, hand-selected products exclusively for fun and fabulous single women.

  • Organic Beauty
  • Fun, Trending Fashion Accessories
  • Delicious Snacks and Treats
  • Best Selling Books, and Other Surprises!


Mollie Jacob Beach Chic Pouch


This Blue and White Stripped Pouch is retailed at $28.00, it is a faux leather make-up bag, with a silver zipper. This is a decent size and will hold a ton of products, you can also wipe this pouch down when it gets dirty. For me however this is going straight into my giveaway box, I have an overload of make-up bags and I won’t get any use out of this. The quality seems very nice, and it is 100% a spring/summer pattern.

Babe Lash Essential Eyelash Serum 


This was a product I was actually very excited to receive. This last month I have been wanting to try out a lash serum, for the simple reason that I feel like my lashes need some love. This product is retailed at $65.00, which is just mind blowing to me. That is so expensive for a lash serum, especially since you can get one from the drugstore or Ulta for half that price. I will be testing this out and hopefully it helps bring life back into my lashes.

Popband London Allegra Hair Tie Bracelet Set


This next product is a set of five hair ties, that you can also wear around your wrist as a bracelet. This is another product that is going directly into my giveaway box, I don’t have enough hair right now to tie up. For me personally this products seems a little tacky and youthful. I don’t know to many young adults that would use a sparkly blue hair tie on a daily basis, or wear it as a bracelet. This product retails for 10.00, and it’s just kinda of bummer product for me.

Get Gem Pave Triangle Necklace 


This gorgeous necklace is by the brand “Get Gem”, and retails for $75.00. This necklace I think is beautiful, it’s simple while still being stylish. Unfortunately for me I have a necklace I wear everyday, so I won’t get much use out of this. Fortunately for you guys I am giving this product away! Just leave me a comment down below telling which subscription box you’d like to see me unbox next month?!

Skin Forum Glam In Paradise Mask Set


This is a set of full size mask products. You get a full size face mask, a set of eye masks, and a lip mask, these retail for $18.00. This is another product I feel is a little tacky and youthful for the age range they are targeting. I guess if you are having a girls night this would be fun, but if you’re home alone putting it on, it seems a bit silly to me. This product is Vegan & Cruelty Free which you guys know I love. These masks are suppose to hydrate, soothe, nourish and refresh your skin. They say you can use these masks on all skin types.

Naobay Equilibria Face Mist Toner


This product is by the brand “Naobay” and retails for $24.00. This is a face mist toner containing Aloe Vera, Chamomile Extract and other natural ingredients. This is suppose to keep you feeling fresh while still being hydrating. I adore the packaging of this product it’s in a nice white sleek bottle, with a faux bamboo cap. The look of this bottle to me looks very eco friendly. I do have very sensitive skin so i’m not sure whether i’ll be testing this out yet.

Total Value of the box: $224.00

Worth is or not?: For me personally, this box was not worth the forty dollars. The way I think about it is, “The Fit Fab Fun Box” is $49.99 a month and you can always find a coupon code for 10$ off, so you only ever end up paying $39.99. For the same price the “Fit Fab Fun Box” is a better value for what you end up getting. This box for forty dollars a month was just okay. I couldn’t end up using most of it and I even feel silly including some of these products in a giveaway. I would say Pass and save your money.

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