My 5 Golden Rules of Skin Care!

Hey there my lovelies! Today were doing my top 5 Golden Rules of skincare. I have never struggled with cystic acne, or bad break outs, but my skin is super sensitive to certain products. If I use something that doesn’t agree with my skin, i’ll break out along my cheeks and chin. So today we are talking about the 5 things I have learned over the years, that help keep my skin clear, and always give it a youthful glow! Let’s Get Started!

Always Take Your Make-up Off Before Bed

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This is my number one rule for keeping your skin looking clear and healthy. Through out the day, we sweat, and create excess build up in our pores. If you sleep at night without removing your make-up, your pores will clog, and the oils from your make-up will cause you to break out like crazy. If you don’t remove your make-up one night, those oils and left over products are going to rub off on your pillow case. Then even if you remove your make-up the next night you’ll be laying your head and face on that dirty pillow case. At night our skin rejuvenates itself, healing wounds and creating new skin cells. It’s important to let your skin breathe at night, so it can rejuvenate and heal.

Find The Best Cleanser For You

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We all have different skin types, some of us are oily, while other skins are dry. You also have a combination of the two, as well as acne, dark spots, dark circles, enlarged pores etc. Finding the a cleaner that fits your skin type is gonna be one of the best things you can do for your skin. I am vegan and have sensitive skin, so I use the Pacifica Daily Face Cleanser for Acne. This cleanser is Vegan, and has components in it that help fight breakouts, while still being gentle on my skin. You need to understand the struggles that you have with your skin, and find a cleaner that works for those problem areas. If your face is dry you don’t want a cleaner that has acids in it, or any chemicals that are gonna be to harsh on your skin. The opposite of that, if you have oily skin, you are gonna wanna a cleanser that is a bit more harsh, to remove any excess oil or left over make-up. When you are picking out a new cleanser, go the face isle, and look at all the different products. Read the ingredients, see what it is used for, and find one that you think will suit your skin. You can also talk to the dermatologist if you are unsure about what to buy.

Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize! 

A lot people with oily skin get unsure about using a moisturizer because they are afraid their skin is going to get even more oily. When I first went to the dermatologist for some small breakouts he told me to start using a face lotion and I was very unsure. However I found one I love and it works wonders. Moisturizing is important for so many reasons. It helps (obviously) keep your face moisturized which creates that youthful look. You don’t want your skin to be overly dry and cracking. Especially after you cleanse away all the dirt and make-up from the day or night, your skin will be begging for some moister. I use the Aveno Daily Moisturizer generated towards those with acne scarring or breakouts. It helps lighten my dark spots and heal my skin under my make-up. Just like the face cleansers you have to find a moisturizer that works best for your skin type. If you are oily, find a light weight lotion that isn’t going to clog your pores or make you more oily. If you have dry skin, try a lotion that is thicker and has healing properties in it. Using moisturizer will help keep your skin balanced, when your skin becomes unbalanced, that’s when you get breakouts. 

Don’t Over-Do It…


Another crucial rule of skincare is to not over do it with products. All you need in your skin care routine is the essentials. For example you don’t need to be using a moisturizer and face oil or a cleanser and exfoliate. Putting a ton of different products with a ton of different ingredients on your face will reek havoc on your skin.  Keeping your skin care routine as simple as possible is the best way to obtain healthy looking skin. You don’t want to be putting anything on your skin that you don’t need. When you simplify your skin care routine you’ll notice your skin getting used to the products, and therefore won’t cause any bad reactions. You should have one face wash for morning and night, one moisturizing product, and if you need eye cream add that in. This will help your face remain clear and keep your costs down.

Don’t Use Expired Products

This is a rule I had to learn the hard way. I used an expired face cream and it caused me to breakout like crazy. Make sure to check the expiration dates on all your skin care products. Most of the time face lotions, eye creams and sometimes even cleansers have certain oils in them that separates from the rest of the ingredients in the bottle. If you have it for to long these oils can get old and almost rotten. Then when you put it on your skin it causes you to break-out and sometimes can cause bad irritation. It’s better to throw the product away and buy a new one then suffer with irritated skin.


4 thoughts on “My 5 Golden Rules of Skin Care!

  1. I agree with all of these rules. Taking off makeup is so important, I can’t imagine that some girls still don’t do that every night. My skin is super sensitive, so I wear makeup for whole day my skin definitely hates it. xx

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