I moved! Room Tour and Decorating Tips

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Hey there my lovelies! I recently moved into a new apartment and wanted to give you an updated room tour and decorating tips. The place I just started renting at had zero furniture when I moved in. Since I’ll be staying in this house for well over a year I didn’t mind buying some furniture pieces that I could take with me when I moved. One of the main reasons I chose this apartment was because of the floors. That may sound silly, but I knew having these gray wood floors would make the decorating process a lot easier. I also prefer wood floors to carpet, it makes cleaning up so much easier. This is not my fully finished room, but I wanted to show you guys what I had done so far, and tell you where I purchased everything from.


One of the first things I had to purchase was a bed, which killed me cause they are so darn expensive. I ordered this online and it end up costing me just under a grand for the mattress, box spring and bed frame. For me it was important to get a mattress that was comfortable, supportive and will mold to my body. Having a decent mattress is so important for getting a good night sleep, and making sure you don’t get back and neck pain. Since I am on my feet for most of the day, working, running errands, working out, I like to be able to get a long restful nights sleep. The comforter is from Boscov’s which is located in my mall, but I do know they have single shopping centers all over. I purchased this comforter for $19.99 and it came with a top sheet and two pillow cases. I like having a pretty comforter to take blog photos on of products and items.

  • Tip #1 It is so easy, when moving into a new house to want to buy everything new and decorate like crazy. Its important tho to figure out what you already have, what you need and what you can wait to buy. This will save you money, and make your home a work in progress.

The pillow on the bed I already had from the previous place I lived. I think I got it at Target on clearance for around five dollars. The lights around the window I also already had and I bought those last winter at Michael’s Craft Store for three dollars.


This is the bedside table I picked out, the dark wood of it doesn’t really go with the rest of the decor in the room but for the price I knew I was going to make it work. I got this at my local Habit For Humanity, which is basically a thrift shop for furniture and all the proceeds go to helping build houses in other countries for those who need them. This bedside table was originally $30 but they were having a 40% off sale that day and they always have student discounts so I ended up getting this for just under $15.

  • Tip #2: When shopping for home decor always check out your local thrift shops before buying everything new. You’ll be surprised  at the home decor pieces you can find for so inexpensive.
  • Tip #3 Never buy mattress, cribs, bedding, and sometimes even couches from thrift shops these are the things you need to purchase new. You don’t want yourself or your child sleeping on a bed, and you don’t know where its has been or how well built the crib is. Couches are sometimes hit or miss so just use your judgement on things like that.

On top of my night stand I have a framed quote that I got from Tj Maxx a few years ago. I also have a gold lace detailed place mat that is from Walmart, it was $1.99. Lastly I have a candle from target that I found on clearance for $6 and it’s mango and mint scented.

  • Tip #4 If you have hardwood floors, or tile flooring, when you purchase furniture, glue felt on the bottom of the legs or furniture piece to prevent scratches on the floor when moving it around.


One of my favorite things to do when I have a bare wall, is to hang tapestry. This particular one is white with yellow flowers, and yellow tassels. I picked this up sometime last year at Target on clearance for $10 or $12 dollars. At the bottom on the floor I have a brown wicker basket with grey handles. I picked this up the same time I picked up my bedside table at Habit For Humanity. This basket was $10, then 40% off and student discount It was $3.50 total. I know from the picture you can’t tell but it is actually a decent size basket, so I folded up my hoodies and stored them in there. This way they are easily accessible and I can choose which one I want to wear. I also have a standing laundry basket that I bought at Walmart for $15.

  • Tip #5 Every six to nine months you should replace your laundry hampers, or the lining of your laundry hampers. This is because, when you let dirty and wet clothes sit in hampers it can create mold and bacteria to grow. This is not good for you to be breathing in, or have in your living space.


This next area is where I store a lot of my things. I got this at the thrift shop for $20. On top I keep my small amount of make-up, my rose plant, nail polishes and I store my earrings. In two of the cubes I have white and gold fold up boxes that fit perfectly in the cubes. I got those from Walmart for $4.99 each. In one of the boxes I have my hair care and extra beauty products and in the other I keep my hats and headbands. I also use one of the square cubes to hold my poetry books, that I get inspiration from. As well as a cute mug from my bf, and some letters inside the mug. The last cube I use to store items I either need to review or do blog posts on, right now the BoxyCharm box is in there. The curtains I have hanging are black out curtains and I highly recommend these for a good night sleep. They keep the room dark even in the day time.

  • Tip #6 If you have plants in your house, make sure you keep them near a window so they can get a lot of light. This is going to help them thrive and the sun provides nourishment

On top of the curtains I have a long strand of pink flowers and leafs. I got this strand of flowers last year at Micheal’s Craft Store for around $8.


This is my desk area, and the section I still need to do work on. I got this desk at Walmart for forty dollars and had my dad put it together. Its white wood, that looks sleek and clean in my room. On top I have my desktop computer that I purchased in 2015. I also have a wooden “love” quote that I got at Micheal’s two or three years ago. I have my sketch book, to remind me to sketch before bed instead of using my electronics, and a purple flower box that holds note cards and envelopes. Underneath the desk I have my two cat carriers for my kitties and a white plastic wicker trash can. I got this trash can at Target for five bucks. I still need a desk chair and a rug to pop on the floor next to the bed.


These are a couple other decorating pieces that I love. I got this wooden hanging shelf with black rope from five and below for $5. On this self I keep my jade plant that’s in a beautiful ceramic planter. The wall hanging in the next picture is a scroll with a wooden frame. Again I got this at five and below for $5, and it features all different types of plants and their names.


When it comes to my closet I keep things very simple. This is actually the most clothes I have ever owned, being a minimalist I don’t like having a ton of clothing pieces. When I moved I would a black bag of summer clothes, so that is why my closet is a little fuller than usual. At the bottom I have a plastic white drawer system with three drawers in it. In there I keep my PJ’s, Jeans and shorts, extra t-shirts and shoes. On the top shelf I have three soft fabric containers. In these I keep my underwear & bra’s, socks, and extra sheets and pillowcases. I got these containers from Walmart for around five dollars each.

Overall my bedroom is still a work in progress, but so far I love it. It’s important for me to have a bedroom that brings me peace and comfort. This helps me sleep and not feel overwhelmed. Don’t overcrowd your space with a lot of stuff, to much clutter will cause you anxiety and stress. Let me know what you guys think and if there is something you think would look good in my bedroom!

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