Why are my Hormones out of whack?!

Hey there my lovelies! Today were talking all about things that can cause your hormones to get out of whack.  We all know that when we go through puberty as a teenager it causes our hormones to go crazy, which in return creates acne, excess sweat, headaches, body aches, stress and more. As we go through life as adults, there are lots of things that can create similar effects to going through puberty, things like PMS, birth control, eating to much soy etc.  There are a ton of reasons why our hormones as adults can be out of whack. Not just stress, and depression, but products we use, things we encounter in our everyday life, foods we consume and more. It’s important to try and balance out your hormones, so you don’t feel as unstable, stressed, tired, and can keep your skin and body clean and clear. Let’s get started!


Im in love with lights❤

It may come as a surprise that light has any effect on our hormones but it does. Light effects and triggers sensors in our brains that help us fall asleep and wake up. We wake up to light feeling well rested and fall asleep in the dark, letting our minds know it’s time for bed. To much light at night from the computer, cell phone, or other electronics can cause the Melatonin to be blocked not allowing it to flow properly. Melatonin is a natural chemical released from the brain to create that sleepy effect in your body. Staying up way to late, watching t.v, or playing games before bed can effect your hormones a ton. That’s why everyone always says “you’ll feel better after a good night sleep”. During the night our body regulates our hormones and keeps everything balanced, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed.


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Meat a.k.a protein of any kind can be a huge reason why your hormones are off balance. There are a ton of people that eat meat everyday, or at least once a week. The thing that you have to realize if you are consuming meat products, is what it is your eating exactly. Before they slaughter the animals, they pump them full of hormones, to create a swollen effect. When they are selling the meat on the market it looks like a healthy fatty animal when in reality its the effect of chemicals. They also use hormones to create that vibrant red color, this is what draws most people to the meat at the super markets. When you get home, cook it up and consume it, you’re eating the hormones that were used on the animal. Our bodies are not designed to break down or digest these hormones and chemicals so they end up staying in our system and blood stream causing hormone in-balances for us. Your best option is to make sure the meat you are consuming is natural and has a label on the package that says “no added hormones”. They have a ton of organic meats at the supermarket, they tend to be a bit more expensive. However it’s worth the price to know exactly what you are consuming.


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We all know that stress can cause problems in every aspect of our lives not just our hormones. Depending on your stress levels, your body will function differently. One main problem stress can cause to our hormones is releasing to much adrenaline. Adrenaline is a chemical that is released during times of severe distress. For example, I knew a friend of mine who was in a car accent, he ended up breaking his leg, but was walking on it for the first hour after the accident. This is because, his body was releasing an over flow of adrenaline, and he couldn’t tell his leg was broken. The same goes for stress, your body releases an overflow of adrenaline when you are stressed to help your brain cope. This can cause problems with your hormones, your blood pressure and your heart. It’s important to keep your stress levels in check to prevent your body from becoming in balanced. You can do things like yoga, walking, therapy, swimming, and lots of other activities to keep your stress in check.

Coffee & Energy Drinks


There is one particular hormone in your body called Cortisol. Cortisol is responsible for regulating your immune response and metabolism. When your cortisol hormone is off balance it can cause you to get sick, and have a hard time digesting foods. Coffee & energy drinks are two products that can cause this particular hormone to go out of whack. When you drink coffee or have an energy drink it raises your Cortisol levels creating a strain on your body. When the effects of the caffeine wear off, it causes a substantial dip in this hormone. When your Cortisol levels dip below normal rate or raise above normal rate, it can cause high blood pressure, high glucose levels, stress, and your adrenaline gland to over produce. Switching from coffee and energy drinks to something more natural like green tea allows your body to break down the liquid properly. This will keep your cortisol level normal.


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It’s important to note that not all sugars are bad for you. Your body needs natural sugars that come from fruits, yogurts, some carbohydrates and more. It’s the bad sugars you have to worry about. These “bad sugars” are found in things like candy, soda, coffee, energy drinks, ice creams, desserts and more. Sugars that are high in glucose and made with chemicals cause your hormone “insulin” to spike. Spiking your insulin leads to increased levels of estrogen and testosterone. When these two are released it can cause you to feel tired, irritable, angry, sad, or upset. Natural sugars from fruit break down differently in your body and don’t released and unnecessary hormones or chemicals. Switching out your processed sugars for something more natural will help you feel less irritable, more rested and full of energy.


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Using plastic seems like a silly way to throw your hormones off balance but it does happen, quite frequently actually. If you’ve ever bought a plastic water bottle, or tupper-ware you’ll notice a sticker on the item that says  “BPA free”. BPA is a chemical that releases the estrogen hormone in your body. This in rare cases can cause a threat of cancer and heart problems. The estrogen levels in your body are regulated, and the over production of estrogen can cause a lot of harmful problems to your system. Reducing the amount of plastic you are using to drink out of, eat out of, or even store you products in will decrease your risk of over producing your estrogen levels.

Working out

Seamless Triumph Legging #yogaposes

Getting your daily workout in, is actually something that can help regulate your bodies hormones. Getting your adrenaline pumping in a healthy and natural way, helps keep your cortisol and estrogen/ testosterone levels even and functioning properly. When you are working out you are using and releasing the leptin hormone. Leptin is responsible for regulating energy burn and sustaining your appetite. It’s important to make sure you are exercising on a weekly or even daily basis. This will help you feel less stressed, get a better night sleep and have more of an appetite for food.

Poor Sleep Cycle

I can never get out of bed...

The way you sleep, and the amount of time you sleep for, effects everything in your body including your hormones. When you are sleeping you should be entering something called your Rem cycle. Rem cycle is the deepest level of sleep you can get, and usually happens before you wake up. Your Rem cycle is what is gonna allow your body to stabilize, recharge, and get everything back in order. If you are only getting a few hours of sleep, staying up late, or using electronics before bed, it throws off your sleep cycle, in turn throwing off your hormones. Make your sleeping area a calming place and allow yourself a few hours of electronic free time. These things will help you sleep better and sleep deeper, giving your body time to re balance your hormones.

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  1. I knew only about 1/3 of this information! Great post! I’ll say that getting meat from the Farmer’s Market is a great way to make sure there aren’t added hormones… you don’t have to trust a label! You just have to ask 🤗

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