Ladies it’s that time of the month!

Hey there my lovelies! Today’s blog post is gonna be geared towards all the ladies out there, were gonna be talking about “that time of the month”. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just involve what you eat, as I have talked about before. Living a healthy lifestyle is also about the products you use and in this case the products you put in your body. I wanted to write a whole blog post on organic feminine products that are good for you as well as the environment. We will talk about things that help with cramps and how to get through the week without binging on chocolate and carbs.

Say NO to the everyday tampon!

Tampons: Facts, Fiction and Guide for Teens

I have touched on this topic a bit in a blog post a little while back, but I wanted to talk some more about how bad tampons actually are for you. When I talk about the “everyday tampon” I am talking about the original generic tampons that you can find in the feminine care isle. Brands like Cortex, Playtex, Tampax etc, these are the tampons that are not organic and aren’t specially made. These types of tampons are very harmful for your body, not only can they cause toxic shock syndrome, but they are also not FDA approved. Some of these companies, also bleach or use hydrogen peroxide on their tampons to create that stark white color. Another way to tell how bad tampons are for you, is the amount of time it takes for them to decompose. Tampons sit in landfills for years and years and can take decades to decompose because of the chemicals that they are made with. Within the last five years companies have been coming out with tampons and other feminine care products that are organic, vegan, good for the environment and more. These are the types of tampons you want to buy.

Tampons You Should Be Buying!

You use roughly 11,000 tampons throughout your lifetime—so you probably don't want to be putting these toxic ingredients inside your body.

Like I mentioned earlier there are companies coming out with tampons that are organic, vegan, made from pure cotton and are good for the environment. These products are going to be a bit more expensive but well worth it. You can find these types of tampons at places like Target, Walmart, Amazon, CVS and a lot of other drug stores. One of my favorite brands to buy organic tampons from is the L. Brand. This company does amazing work, for every box of tampons you buy, they give a box to someone who needs them. These tampons are organic, and made with 100% natural ingredients. The most common place to buy this brand is at Target, they have everything you could need. Tampons, pads, feminine wipes and more! Another awesome organic tampon brand is Cora. Cora is also a brand that does amazing work. Their whole focus is gender equality in all countries, the money used to buy these products go towards helping girls and women in other countries get a good education and making sure they have the feminine hygiene products they need. I have seen these sold at Target, but you can also get them on Amazon or directly off their website. These are the types of tampons you want to buy,, one’s where they are using organic ingredients and making sure whats going in your body is safe. Do your research and find what works for you!

What I use/ My favorite Feminine Product

I Tried FLEX Discs and (for Once) Didn't Mind Getting My Period

About a year ago an ad popped up on my Instagram for a feminine product called “Flex”, I ordered a bag and haven’t used anything since. Flex, is a menstrual disk (it is not a cup), the reason I prefer these to the cups is because they are disposable. This is a disk you insert, after 10 to 12 hours, (even if you have a heavy flow) you take out, empty and throw away. I had a few worries going into this, one it would be hard to insert, leak, or it would get stuck. I had no problem inserting it and it felt super comfortable right away. when taking it out, it took me a minute to get the hang of using it but once I figured it out, it was a breeze. You simply push a little, and grab it out. You are gonna wanna do this either when you are in the shower or over the toilet bowl. It can spill over a bit, so just dump in the toilet or shower and toss out. Another worry I had was how effective it would be, and whether it would stay in and be comfortable, and how many hours it would last. I have a medium flow and I am able to leave it in for 10 hours and have no problem. It is safe to leave in cause it isn’t made with any chemicals or ingredients. Its a organic plastic disk that has no added chemicals or products. A couple benefits of this product is you can swim, workout, sleep and do everything you would normally do if you didn’t have your period. It also allows for safe mess free period sex, and will not harm you in any way. They are 15$ for a weeks worth of period disks, which I don’t not mind paying for.

The Dixi Cups / Other Cups


I have never used menstrual cups before, but I know a lot of people prefer them over tampons. The Dixi Cup is a pretty common one, but there are a ton on the market now. They run around $30 to $35 dollars, which may seem like a lot but they are reused each time you get your period. The only reason I didn’t like the idea of using a menstrual cup is for sanitation reasons. However I know you are suppose to boil them after every period week is over to get rid of bacteria and other left over fluids. Menstrual cups are silicon cups you insert and keep in for up to 10 hours, you then remove it, dump out, wash and then reinsert. If you are in a public restroom and can’t wash it out, you can carry feminine wipes on you and wipe it down that way. They usually have a tiny part at the bottom that you can tug on to make removing and adjusting easy. I’m not entirely sure what they are made of other then silicon, but you can definitely research that. There are organic and vegan ones on the market that are probably a lot better for your body.

Tips on Helping with Cramps and other Period Mishaps

Do something before bed besides watching Netflix. | 7 Simple Ways To Make This Week A Little Less Shitty

Cramps are a very common part of getting your period, as is mood swings, and feeling the need to eat chocolate and everything in your cabinet. When it comes to cramps, I always have Midol on hand, and this helps tremendously. It takes away my cramps almost immediately and they don’t come back for about 12 hours.  If you are not one to take medicine there are a ton of natural ways to help reduce cramps. One is a hot bath, heating pad, or hot water bottle. Heat is a natural tension reliever, so it will help soothe your cramps and take away some of that pain. Another way is to workout and get moving, things like running, walking, yoga anything that gets you to break a sweat. Working out gets your body moving and helps relieve the tension that cramps cause. There are also tea’s, lotions, bath bombs, essential oils, and so many other products that are geared toward period cramps. When it comes to eating healthy on your period, it can definitely be hard. For me I want all the chocolate, and carbs in my house. I am on a healthy eating journey and my time of the month can be kinda tricky. One of my favorite things to do is make sure I have healthy snacks on hand when my period comes. I always keep Halo ice cream in the fridge. Halo is low calorie, low sugar ice cream that actually taste good. They have a ton of flavors to choose from, including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. I also keep salty healthy snacks on hand like, veggie straws, organic popcorn, crackers, nuts and more. If you don’t have anything in the house it’s gonna cause you to go out and get unhealthy food and snacks. Keep yourself prepared.

Organic Brands



Try to keep this time of the month as relaxed and stress free as you can for yourself. Your mood swings can make you feel like nothing is going right. Take time to pamper yourself and remind yourself that this is only for a week! Good luck Ladies!

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