Vegan Beauty Haul & Giveaway

Hey there my lovelies! Today I am doing a vegan beauty haul!  My make-up collection and make-up routine has always been very minimal. I only keep make-up that I actually use and wear on a weekly basis. I recently had to toss out some of this make-up because It was becoming old and not as pigmented. This left room in my collection for me to pick up some new items and try out a new brand. I try and make sure all the items I am using are vegan and earth friendly, so I went to Ulta and picked out some new things. Here’s what I got!

Giveaway: As a thank you for reaching 800 followers on WordPress, I am giving away all the make-up featured in this haul! I bought doubles of all the products I featured today, so one of you can get some new products. The giveaway rules are very simple, 1). follow my blog instagram: the happyminimalistgirl, 2). Leave a comment down below telling my what your favorite thing about summer is?!

Pacifica Mineral Highlighter: Ice Baby


Pacifica is one of those brands that I adore! I have been using Pacifica skin care and body products for years, so I was happy to see they had a display of make-up at Ulta. Their prices are right around drugstore make-up prices, very affordable. This products is a powder highlighter, infused with coconut water so it smells amazing! Pacifica is a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand, their products are recyclable and help reduce the amount of plastic we are using. This highlighter was 12$, and has a beautiful iridescent shimmer to it!

BH Cosmetics Blush & Highlighter Palette: Blushing in Bali 

IMG_1108.jpg IMG_1110.jpg

BH Cosmetics is another vegan and cruelty free brand that I adore. I have had a BH cosmetics blush palette similar to this that I’ve used for years. I recently tossed that palette out, because it was getting old and less pigmented. When I saw this Blushing Bali palette I thought it was filled with beautiful blushes and gorgeous highlighters. This Palette was right around $16.00, which in my opinion is very affordable and well worth the money for three blushes and three highlighters.

Pacifica Super-dust Highlighter: Crystal Dust


This is another highlighter product by Pacifica, that I couldn’t resist buying. The highlighter I showed you earlier by Pacifica is a more suttel everyday highlighter. Where as these two highlighters are the type of product where you can tell you have on a beautiful pigmented highlighter. Again Pacifica is 100% vegan and cruelty free, their products come in card board containers as opposed to plastic ones. The one thing about that tho is you have to be careful not to get the outside packaging wet or toss it around to much. The top highlighter is a gorgeous rose gold color and the bottom highlighter is a beautiful icy blue color. These are perfect summer colors to give you that extra shine. This palette was only $13.00 which is a very fair price for two highlighters.

Revolution Beauty Palette: Forever Flawless 

IMG_1115 IMG_1117.jpg

I have always been a fan of Revolution Beauty, and the fact that their products are so pigmented and yet so affordable. I recently tossed out two of my Revolution Beauty eye-shadow palettes and wanted to replace them with a new palette. This eye shadow palette is gorgeous, and has a nice mix of pinks, peaches and neutral colors. There are 24 shadows, with most of them being mattes which is awesome. This product cost me $15 at Ulta is is extremely inexpensive for as many eye-shadows as you get.

Pacifica Long Lasting Mascara: Aquarian Gaze

IMG_1118.jpg IMG_1119.jpg

This is a water resistant mascara by the brand Pacifica. This mascara cost me $14.00 at Ulta, that’s a little steep for a mascara but with it being 100% vegan and cruelty free I think its worth it. I used this product this morning for the first and was very pleasantly surprised. It isn’t drying, or cakey and it leaves my lashes feeling full but not clumpy. They have a few different types of mascara in their line, I chose this one because it was water resistant and won’t smudge.

Love Beauty and Planet Shampoo and Body Wash


The brand Love Beauty & Planet is by far my favorite hair product and body product brand. Not only are they vegan and cruelty free, but they take the steps to save the planet and not use as much plastic. They have a wide variety of scents and products for certain hair types, so there is something for everyone. I buy my Love Beauty & Planet products at Target for around $6.99 each which is a fair price for the amount of product you get. The tee tree & vetiver scented body wash is my favorite scent. It isn’t to strong or too girly, it smells clean and a little masculine which I like in my body washes.

Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream: French Lavender


This is the one product in this beauty haul that I do not think is vegan. I did want to include it in this haul tho, cause I bought it at my trip to Ulta. I have been getting in-grown hairs and itchy legs from shaving, so I wanted a more sensitiveness shaving cream. This product smells amazing, is super creamy, and is the perfect texture. You can buy\ this product at Ulta, Target and Amazon, it cost me right around $5.99, which isn’t too bad. You get 6 fl oz, which is a pretty decent amount for a shaving cream.

Pacifica Lip Balm: Crystal Crush


Last but not least, I have a lip balm by Pacifica. This is in the scent crystal crush, and was around $4.99. I have used these lip balms for years and they are amazing. I have one in my nightstand, one in my purse and one in my car. During the summertime you can get sunburned, and you can also get burned lips, this product is amazing for that. It helps heal and soothe your lips while still keeping them moisturized.

10 thoughts on “Vegan Beauty Haul & Giveaway

  1. I love shopping at ULTA and all of these products look so nice! My favorite thing about summer is getting to spend time at the beach. I follow on IG @tatzgrrly

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Congratulations on 800!!🎉 I bought a face cleanser from Pacifica a few months back, it’s amazing and love the pretty packaging!! Followed/requested you on Instagram!! I just love the happy sounds of nature & the fact that my husband and I go to Maine, that’s my favorite thing about Summer!😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. So proud of you for reaching 800 and spreading such awesome messages/content! My favorite thing about summer is getting to bake in the sun all day during beach days but also getting to enjoy some really awesome weather at night, especially bonfires with my boyfriend’s family 🙂

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  4. I recently got my first Makeup Revolution eye shadow palette, I still need to test it out more, but shimmers are so good. I don’t know about mattes still, I need to work more on them, but all in all definitely worth the money. My favorite thing about summer is nice weather and I love travelling during summer, summer holiday is a must every year to fill batteries for rest of year haha. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations on reaching 800! ☺️ The packaging on these products is beautiful 😍 I’m a real sucker for how a product looks 🤣 My favourite thing about summer is how my mental health improves over those months. The sun seems to make all my problems feel a little bit lighter ☺️💛

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  6. Congrats on 800!! I’ve been wanting to try more things from Pacifica. My favorite thing about summer is the warm nights. I love walking outside when the sun is just at or below the horizon but it’s still so warm outside and everything just smells nice (I know that’s weird haha but just the flowers and everything).

    Liked by 1 person

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