Beauty products I have but never use

Hey there lovelies! Today were talking about some beauty products I either bought, were gifted or that came in a subscription box that I never use. I was DE-cluttering my beauty table yesterday and realize there were quite a few products I have never worn or worn only once. Let’s get started!

Revolution: Highlighter Palette 


This is one of those palettes I bought with the intention of wearing everyday. I got this at the beginning of last summer and honestly have only worn it maybe twice. I don’t use highlighter in my everyday make-up routine, unless I feel like it’s an amazing product. I just never grab for highlighter, especially this palette. If I am ever going out to a party or event and want to put on some highlighter I always reach for my Morphe “Stardust” highlighter instead of this one. So I am gifting this to my sister who will definitely get more use out of it than I did!

Bite Beauty: Liquid Lipstick

IMG_0011.jpg D77EA25B-92B6-4187-BC40-D02C1530BD82.jpg

This is a product I either got in a giveaway or a subscription box, I can’t quite remember. This is a miniature version of a Bite Beauty Liquid Lipstick in the shade “Chutney”. I again am not one to wear lip products on a daily basis, and if I do I reach for a tinted chap-stick or something light. For this product, the color is too dark for me to feel comfortable wearing, and it also becomes super dry. I have never worn this and never reached for it, I think I swatched it twice.

Cargo Palette: Wanderlust


This palette I purchased myself at TJ Maxx for under twenty dollars. I wore this a lot for the first month after I got it, and then never reached for it again. I will say this is an awesome palette and Cargo always does an amazing job with their formula. Their shadows are pigmented and creamy without creasing. I think in all honesty, I was trying out a ton of make-up at the time, that it just got lost in the mix. I gifted this to my mother who again will get a lot more use out of it then I did!

Fit Me: Liquid Foundation

IMG_9997.jpg 789058c9-374c-4c97-b491-9a5a3ca19b62.jpg

I absolutely love Fit Me products especially their foundations. Their foundations are creamy without getting cracked or dry, and always leave a nice dewy finish. The reason this one is include in this post is mostly because the shade is just way to light for me. For some reason I got this in the shade 115 Ivory, when I am no where near Ivory, i’m always tan or medium tan. I keep putting off getting rid of this product cause I love it so much but I just never use it and it’s time for it to go.

Cover Fx: Liquid Highlighter

IMG_0013.jpg C2F74604-42EC-4D77-B46F-94F88ACD4DA9.jpg

This product I got in a Boxy-charm, either October or November’s box. I used this highlighter once, for my Halloween make-up and never reached for it again. Again I don’t wear highlighters on a daily basis and this one is way to pigmented to pass off as natural. It has huge chunks of glitter in it, and gives me a very bronze look. This is actual a very expensive product, the full size runs for 42$ at Ulta & Sephora. Since I have only used it once I am going to see if any of my friends or family want it!

Native Deodorant: Powder & Cotton


This is one of those products that I just didn’t like one bit. I always use the Love Beauty & Planet deodorant and it works amazingly, but I wanted to try something new and I heard good things about this brand. First off this deodorant is ridiculously expensive, its somewhere around $11.99 for one stick. For me it was to drying and by mid day I stunk like sweat, and felt like I needed to reapply (which never happened before). Save your money and go for something less expensive.

Pur : Midnight Masquerade Face Palette

IMG_0017.jpg IMG_0016.jpg

This is another palette I got in a Boxy-charm, and loved the idea of it. It comes with six eye-shadows, two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. I kept this instead of giving it away because I thought I would get a lot more use out of it than I actually did. Now Pur Cosmetics are very good quality and I have nothing but good things to say about the brand. However these shadows were to dark for me to get much use out of. My daily make-up is super neutral and I never reached for these. The only thing I liked in this palette was one of the blushes. I just didn’t feel like it was worth keeping when I only used one thing out of the whole palette. I am giving this to someone who will use it all and give it more love than I did.


10 thoughts on “Beauty products I have but never use

  1. I have the same CoverFX liquid highlighter and I myself have only used it like twice maybe. If I use on my face it looks like I got hit with a glitter bomb LOL!! 😀 I think I may try it as like a liquid glitter on my eyes instead.

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  2. I actually did something like this lately with my collection also. I went through everything and took some products out that I haven’t reach for in year or so. I discovered some awesome products, but some that I don’t enjoy. So the products that I enjoy I put in project Pan that I’m doing and the ones that I don’t enjoy I gave away. It’s such a food way to use products that you forget about. Lovely post. xx

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