Minimalist Clothing Haul!

Hey there my lovelies! Today I am doing a minimalist clothing haul. All of these pieces I have either thrifted or picked up at a clothing store in the last few weeks! Let me know which piece is your favorite πŸ™‚


This first dress I picked up at Target, and I found it on the clearance rack for only fifteen dollars. This is a perfect transition dress from spring to summer, It has a scrunched fitted bust area, so it’ll form to whatever size you are. It goes in just under the bust then flows out around you. One particular part of this dress I love are the bell sleeves, it adds an extra girly detail to the outfit. (PS: Peep my kitty fat louy in the background wanting to be in all the photos.)


This next item are a pair of linen style beach pants. They have a tie waist, that cinches in, and this beautiful navy and peach strip pattern going vertically down the legs. I found these gems at Kohl’s for only fifteen dollars. They are another awesome transitioning piece from spring to summer. You can use these as a cover up on the beach, or style these with a tight fitting top and some hoop earrings for the perfect going out look.


This is a piece I am still trying to figure out how to style. It is an over-sized, light blue stripped, button up with sleeves that you can roll up or leave down. The problem I am having with this particular piece, is without a belt it looks too boxy and doesn’t give me any shape. I think this would be another awesome piece in the summertime to throw over your bikini or to wear with a pair of skinny white jeans. I got this at the Goodwill for only three dollars.


This next dress was a total score, and I can’t believe I found it for so inexpensive. This is a Ralph Lauren, cocktail style summer dress, with white vertical stripes through the entire dress. I found this at my local thrift shop and only paid four dollars for it, and the best part of this dress is it looks like it’s never been worn! It has two lines rounding in at the bust and waist giving you the appearance of a smaller waist area.

unnamed-20.jpg unnamed-15.jpg

These next two shirts are identical just in two different colors. I got these at Target, and they were five dollars each. The reason I love simple solid color v-neck shirts so much is because you can wear them with literally anything. You can dress casual with a pair of jeans and sneakers, or you can dress them up, by tucking them into a skirt and adding a pair of heels. These shirts are so soft and stretchy and not see through at all which I love. I am wearing a bright colored sports bra on purpose to show you how none of the color peeps through. These shirts are by the brand “A New Day”.


As you can tell I have been loving simple shirts that can be paired with anything. This is a beautiful soft white top with a dandelion print. This would be a perfect date night shirt, or a summer lunch date shirt. The only down side is if you fold it, or do anything but hang it, it wrinkles in seconds. I picked this up at Kohl’s for eight dollars. I live near a beach and during the summer months it gets very hot, so I love t-shirts that are loose and breezy but still classy.


This shirt is one that’s kinda out of my comfort zone. I have never been one to wear bright colors, I always prefer to go for the neutrals, tans and light colored items. I saw this however I thought it was adorable for summer. This is a bright red-orange colored t-shirt, with a 70’s vibe and quote that says “Summer Vibes”. I found this at my local thrift shop for two dollars, and for that price I’m not to worried about wearing it a lot.


Lastly I found this adorable floral jean jacket, with red, green and light pink flowers all over it. It is a true jean jacket, with a collar and buttons all down the front. My only complaint is again it has no shape and makes me look a lot bigger than I am. I will probably style this with a tighter fitting dress and some sandals, or a fitted top and skinny jeans. I found this at my local thrift shop for only five dollars.

6 thoughts on “Minimalist Clothing Haul!

  1. That Ralph Lauren dress looks stunning on you! It’s so cute! I never have much luck with finding cute items at thrift stores πŸ˜ͺ and those Target clearance finds are just as cute and simple πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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