TEᑎ ᑎOᑎ-EᒪEᑕTᖇOᑎIᑕ ᕼOᗷᗷIEᔕ

Hey there my lovelies! We have been talking a lot about health lately, and how healthy it is to be present in the moment, and get off our phones. I wanna share ten of my favorite hobbies to do when your bored, wanna save money, or need time to think, or not think! All of these non-electronic hobbies are inexpensive and fun, and will make the time fly by (some of them might even relax you!).

  • ᔕKETᑕᕼIᑎG / ᗪᖇᗩᗯIᑎG


This is one of those hobbies that can put your mind and body at ease. When you’re able to draw what you’re feeling, or thinking, you’ll find its very therapeutic. You do not need to be an amazing artist, and you can even use some stencils to help guide you. All you need is a sketch book (which you can find at the dollar store) and black pencils (which you can also find at the dollar store). Sit down in a quiet clean space and give yourself time to sketch!

  • KᑎITTIᑎG / ᑕᖇOᑕᕼETIᑎG


Knitting and or crocheting is a hobby that takes patients and focus. I learned how to knit from a YouTube video, that I happened to stumble upon. It took me quite a bit to get the hang of it, I kept having to stop the video and start the video and re-watch it etc. Once I got the hang of it though, I loved it. I would knit anytime I got free time, or had a chance to relax. I think people think knitting is to hard, they don’t even want to start, but I encourage you to at least try! You can buy knitting needles and yarn at any craft store, or Walmart for a few dollars.

  • TIE-ᗪYIᑎG


This is a fun, messy hobby that you can do with friends , family, or alone! You can pretty much tie-dye anything from t-shirts, shorts, handbags, totes, baseball caps, aprons, sheets and anything canvas! You can find pretty dye at any local store in the laundry detergent isle. If you want a full kit, they sell them a craft stores for under twenty dollars. If you are a beginner at tie-dying I suggest getting the kit, until your comfortable with what you are doing.

  • GᗩᖇᗪEᑎIᑎG

This is another messy hobby, that is fun and will get you outdoors. Just because summer is over and the warm weather is coming to an end, doesn’t mean you can’t garden anymore. Fall flowers are beautiful and you can find them almost anywhere (Walmart, Home depot, local garden stores etc). Pick up some fall mimosas & sunflowers, get outside and get messy!

  • ᖇEᗩᗪIᑎG

Reading is by far my favorite thing to do when I get bored or have some free time. It is an amazing feeling when you can get lost in a book, and really relate to the characters. The great thing about books is there is something for everyone i.e mysteries, biographies, romance, SCIFI, historical and so many more. Books can be expensive if you buy them outright, so get yourself a library card and check out all the free books! Also if you wanna invest in a Kindle, it is so worth it, you’ll read a ton!

  • ᑕOᒪOᖇIᑎG


This is a hobby that actually has some benefits to it, coloring is supposed to be therapeutic and can reduce your stress immensely. You can buy cheap coloring books at the dollar store, or if you want a nice one they sell them for around ten dollars at almost any craft or retail store. You can use color pencils, gel pens or markers to color, just take ten minutes out of your day, sit down and color a page. Trust me you’ll feel the stress melt away!

  • ᑕOOKIᑎG/ ᗷᗩKIᑎG

This is another one of those hobbies I just love. I always see recipes I want to try on Pinterest, and whenever this happens I print them out and hang them on my fridge till I have time. If you are on a weightless journey you can still bake and cook, just wrap the food up when you’re done and give it to neighbors, friends or family. It’s a nice gesture and you’ll feel good about yourself and you’re cooking!  It can be an inexpensive hobby as well, make sure to cut out some coupons or check out you local grocery store flyer to see whats on sale!

  • YOGᗩ / ᗰEᗪITᗩTIᑎG


This a great hobby, not only does it give you a piece of mind, but it’ll get your exercise in for the day. I love to take my yoga matt out to my deck, or to a park, It feels good to breath in the fresh air, and it’s extremely healthy for you. If you are not one for yoga, simply use a towel, sit crossed legged and meditate. Take deep breaths, and clear your mind, this will help reduce stress and put you at ease. I always do yoga or mediate atlas three times a week and I feel like it helps me immensely.

  • ᑭᗩIᑎTIᑎG


Painting is another therapeutic hobby that can make you feel good. You can get a blank canvas, or hard sheet of paper and paint what you’re feeling. For me though painting doesn’t have to be only on a canvas, I love painting objects and wooden things. I paint things like seashells, drift wood, boxes, etc. You can get craft paint anywhere for under a dollar, and you can find things to paint in nature. Go for a walk, or walk your dog and look for interesting looking things in nature that you can paint on.

  • ᒍEᗯEᒪᖇY ᗰᗩKIᑎG

Making jewelry is a craft that can actually make you money, or save you money on gifts. I don’t know about you, but I love receiving homemade things as gifts, especially hand made jewelry. You can also sell your pieces on Etsy, and earn back the money you spend on string and beads. Head to your local craft store, pick out some colorful beads, and string and get started! You can even use seashells, sand dollars, or sea glass to make necklaces with if you live by the shore.


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