вαcĸ тo ѕcнool: colleɢe ɴeѕѕecιтιeѕ

It’s that time of year again, getting ready to go back to school, college classes are starting and its time to get yourself some new school supplies! As a former college student, I have a few tips and tricks on what are necessities and what you should pass on!

First things first is a backpack, now I didn’t say side bag, or large tote, I said backpack. Trust me your gonna want a true backpack that has straps that go around both shoulders. This is because, if you’re required to get text books, on top of all the notes and binders, you might have a day were your carrying a lot of weight. Do your back a favor and get a sturdy backpack,if you’re worried about it not being “stylish” I link some inexpensive but adorable packs for you!



We all know college can be expensive especially buying books and such for the class, but the one thing that you should invest in is a laptop. Now I know you’re thinking to yourself, its gonna cost a lot of money, but there are some tips to getting you some money off! First, you should invest in a laptop for many reasons, you can recored your lectures, you can download ebooks instead of getting hard covers, and it’ll help keep track of all your papers and curriculum work. Brands like Apple actually have some awesome sales during “back to school” time, on top of that if you’re a student you get a student discount (you just have to show a student ID). For most brands, they have student discounts, and percents off during this time of year!



The next thing is to get yourself an agenda book! Keeping track of when assignments are due, and when you have presentations an such is so so so important! Half of college is gonna be making sure you turn things in on time. For me I got a really cute agenda book, and decked it out in stickers and markers and post it notes, this way I was excited to write in my agenda book and never forgot to check it!


Next is to check all your classes requirements, when it comes to supplies. For example if you’re taking a math course you are probably gonna need a calculator, check to see which specific one you need, so you can be prepared. Again if your taking an art course you might need certain pencils or sketch books, be cautious of the requirements for each class. And just overall be prepared, cause when it comes to college they expect you to have it together from day one! If you are unsure of what you need or whether you’re buying the right thing, don’t be afraid to email your professors, they are there to help!


A few things that are must haves but can sometimes be overlooked are water bottles and a lunchbox. Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is so important, and if you have to rise early for a class, having lots of water is gonna keep you awake! Keep refilling it in the water fountain throughout the day, and this will save you money on having to buy drinks from the vending machine or cafeteria! Another huge money saver is packing your own lunch! I know the idea of having all these foods in the cafeteria is intriguing but trust me skip the binge and pack your own healthy lunch! In the end you will save a ton of money!

floral-lunch-box-billabong-pretty-rebel-lunch-box-found-on-featuring-home-kitchen-dining-food.jpg 67b8d6be92b74d1d45b5507859229eed--bottles-water-rose-gold-water-bottle.jpg

And overall just have fun guys! College is suppose to be about learning, making friends, and creating a life you like! Good luck my lovelies!

9 thoughts on “вαcĸ тo ѕcнool: colleɢe ɴeѕѕecιтιeѕ

  1. I always pack a lunch for school. The restaurants are all too expensive, and the cafeteria is on the other side of campus from where the classrooms are at. Plus it makes you pack healthy foods and snacks. No chips and soda here.

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    1. I agree! The first year I went to college I ate from the cafeteria and ended up feeling crappy after the end of the semester, so I started packing my lunch and it was an awesome decision! I felt healthier and more alert in all my classes! 🙂

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      1. For one semester I ate Taco Bell five days in a row because I was just beginning to learn how to be a normal comuter schedule (I had classes at 8), traffic and parking was horrible. Luckily I did not end up gaining any weight, I have no idea how though. But I just started prepping lunch and snacks the night before.

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