Lazy Day/ Weekend Routine!

Every once in awhile you need a lazy, relaxing weekend, where you can have alone time to just rest. Here are my essentials for a nice lazy day or weekend!


This is gonna probably be one of the only days you’ll be able to get extra sleep, so take it! If your used to waking up to an alarm, set it for an hour later, and if you’re still tired go for another 30 mins. You don’t want to sleep your day away, but allowing yourself to get extra sleep is gonna be beneficial for the upcoming work week. Don’t get out of bed right away when you wake up. Give yourself some time to lounge in bed, check your social media if you want, catch up on your favorite you-tubers, or read a chapter in your book. When we live a busy life our minds can be go-go-go all the time. You taking time to let your body wake-up is gonna give your body a minute to catch up with your mind. 



Take time in the shower to do a body scrub, hair mask, or even a face mask. If you like taking baths, bring a book in the bath, soak in the warm water and read. This should be “YOU” time. Let the hot water relax the tenses muscles from the previous week, your body will thank you for it later. When you get out of the shower/ bath change into some comfy clothes. Clothes that you can lounge in, but also go out in if you need to. Don’t put on tight fitting clothes, allow your body and skin to breathe and be comfortable. 



You don’t have to break your diet, for you to enjoy some comfort food. My favorite food to eat when I’m craving some comfort food is the “Amy’s” brand. You can get these frozen foods in any local grocery store, Target, Walmart, ETC. The great thing about this brand is it’s vegetarian and some are even vegan. They have frozen pizza’s, burritos, Chinese options , mac and cheese and more. The best thing is they are low calorie so you won’t be having a cheat meal. Let yourself have some ice cream and snuggle on the couch with a movie. Some of my favorite low calorie ice cream brands are “Amy’s and Halo Top”. Halo top is almost always under 300 calories for the whole pint, so sit back and enjoy. 



If you’ve been inside all day, take some time in the evening to get outside. If you haven’t done any exercise that day, go for a walk around your neighborhood. Take deep breaths, put on some relaxing music and walk. This will help not feel like you’ve been coped up inside all day. If you have a friend, significant other, or family member, encourage them to go with you. 


You don’t have to go to sleep early, but getting into bed and putting on a movie or tv show, will be a perfect end to your restful day. Make yourself a cup of tea get into bed and rest. Allow your body to rest and rejuvenate for the next day.  





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