My nightime routine!

I’ve had trouble with insomnia my entire life, but its gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. I have however created a night time routine, that puts me at ease, and creates a calmness that helps me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. 

  • Change in to comfy clothes!

The first thing I do as soon as I get off work is change into some comfy clothes. This is the first step to making me feel cozy and at ease. If you shower at night you can do that before changing into your night time clothes. I do like to shower at night just to wash away the sweat from the day, especially in this summer heat.


  • Night-time Skin Care Routine

If I don’t shower at night then this would be the time to wash your face and do your nightly skincare. ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU TAKE OFF YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE BED! For me I start with makeup removing wipes, anything that doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin will do. Then I cleanse my face and apply lotion and my under eye creams. I also love to spray my face with Rose Water as an extra pick me up!

Products I Use:

Make-up removing wipes: Neutrogena Make-up Remover Wipes

Face Cleanser: Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Acne Cleanser

Face lotion: Aveno Daily moisturizer

Rose water: Mario Bedescue Rose Water


  • Tea and Work

After I finish up my skincare routine I always Make a cup of sleepy time tea, or sometimes Chamomile Tea, and reply to any emails, catch up on social media and generally just finish any work I have left over from the day. I wish I could say my day ends as soon as I get home but thats just not the case.



  • Tiddy up the house

I always like to tiddy the house before bed this way I don’t wake up to a mess. Now Im not talking a big clean, Im just mean things like picking up the dog and cat toys and putting them in their bin. Making sure there aren’t a huge pile of dishes. Hanging up my clothes and putting away and food or leftovers from the night.

  • Take 5 Mins to Breathe

After a long day at work It can be hard to turn my mind from “GO GO GO” to “Relaxing”. I always take 5 mins, either sitting on my deck, sitting on my floor, or hanging out in a quiet area to just breathe. Take 5 mins to sit still close your eyes and breathe. Let yourself unwind from the hectic day. This is a huge step in helping me sleep!


  • Getting into Bed

Although its bad for you’re sleeping habits, and not good for your eyes, I need to watch something before I can fall asleep. Generally ill snuggle under the covers and put on my favorites you-tubers, catch up on videos or watch a documentary. This helps me get comfortable in my bed and puts me at ease. Im also so busy throughout the day I hardly ever have time to catch up on videos, and other things.


  • Turn in at a reasonable time

On work weeks I always get into bed around 9:30 and fall asleep around 10-10:30. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour makes my mornings so much better. I don’t feel sleep deprived, or groggy. Always make sure you get your full 8 hours, you’ll thank yourself the next day trust me!


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