A Healthy, Happy And Organized House

When life can seem super chaotic, the last thing you need is a messy house driving you mad, and making you feel like your life is unorganized and all over the place. For me when my house and work space are clean I feel like I can tackle thee day head on. Here are my tips to help keep a healthy, clean and organized house.


When you’re actually ready to clean the house, meaning scrub the counter tops, mop the floors, clean the fridge and bathroom, use organic products. The ones I recommend are the “Meyers Products”, they have everything from dish soaps, to counter cleaners to bathroom scrubs. The reason I say use organic products is because the other stuff can tend to be harsh. Harsh smelling, harsh on your hands and harsh on your appliances. Using organic products is gonna help make things feel clean without all those harsh chemicals. Especially if you have little ones, or are prone to headaches, this organic products are gonna be a life saver!



When it comes to wanting your house to smell good, don’t use all those highly chemical filled air fresheners. They can be harsh, and not good for those living in the house. The perfect solution to this are Essential oils! Nowadays you can buy them at your local grocery stores, Walmart, target or amazon. Put them in a vaporizer to allow sweet smelling air to flow all day.  You can also put a drop of them in your mop bucket before filling it with hot water and soap. This may seem odd but the essential oils are actually gonna help leave a nice gloss on your floors as well as an organic smell! You can also fill a spray bottle with hot water, drop a few drops of oil and spritz in the house throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 1.34.46 PM.png


Always have a donation box in a place thats easy to access for yourself. You can use a cardboard box, a wooden box or even shopping totes, as long as you know their used for donations. Having this donation box allows you to clean your house and get rid of things at the same time. Whether it be clothing, kids toys, old books or kitchenware. You’ll feel like you’re getting rid of the old and it’ll allow you room for the new.



This may seem like a no brainer but I’m gonna touch on it anyway. Your pantry, cabinets and even kitchen racks can be a source of a lot of chaos, especially if you live with multiple people! You’ll find that as soon as you organize your kitchen area, it’s a lot easier to not only clean, but plan meals according to what you have. If you have a deep pantry or cabinets things can get lost, and you’ll tend to buy multiple bags of flour, sugar, and other products. Having everything in a jar with a label will save you money, time, and space!



Having a bin for all your mail is gonna make your life so much easier. If you have friends or family over you don’t want bills, letters and other personal information laying out and around. Having a single bin for all your mail, keeps everything organized, as well as keeps all your mail in a singular place. When your ready to pay bills or write letters you’ll simply grab the box and go through it. If your kids get the mail, get them into the habit of putting the mail in the box instead of leaving it out. 



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