Summer Shopping On a Budget!

One of my favorite seasons to shop for clothes is summertime. I love all the colorful shorts, rompers, and flowey beach coverups. I also know that shopping can be expensive, especially when you grow out, or size up from last years clothing pieces. First thing you’re gonna wanna do when you decide its time for new clothes, is go through your wardrobe and make a list of things you need. Now this doesn’t mean things you WANT, this is things you NEED. For example: shorts, underwear, tank tops, sandels, a new suit. You can of course add that you would like a cute summer dress or an off the shoulder romper, but its important to buy the things you need first before spending on things you want.



Thrift Shops are an amazing place to buy the basics as well as some unique pieces. Thrift stores I know can be over whelming, since most of the time they’re un-organized, or have a lot of inventory to sort through. So as long as you stick to your list of essentials you can find everything you need. When you find a piece you like, make sure there are no stains or holes in the garment, try things on if you can to get a feel for what the pieces are gonna look like on you. When your thrifting there can be a lot of unique items but my advice is to steer clear of them unless you know a specific outfit you can wear it with. Chances are you’ll buy this item and never wear it.

Thrift Stores

  • Platos Closet
  • Goodwill
  • Once upon a child (if your shopping for your child)
  • Local thrift stores near you.
  • Salvation Army


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Places like Target, TjMaxx or even Walmart are great places to find deals! Things to buy at retails store and not thrift stores are, swimsuits, shoes, and under garments. Anything that you wouldn’t want anyone wearing previously, for this reason retail stores are awesome. Target always has a clearance rack, of 30% or 50% off clothing. Right now select swim and gym clothes are on clearance. You can also download the CARTWHEEL APP for target, where you can download coupons for clothing, shoes and swim.


Check out your favorite clothing stores, online clearance sections! Even if you love some high end brands, if you check out their website they are bound to have a clearance section. You can find colorful tees, beach cover-ups, even jeans you can wear in the summer for cheap. Another tip is to find coupons! Go on google, and type in the stores name plus the word coupon, there will be a million search results to help you get some money off your purchases!



2 thoughts on “Summer Shopping On a Budget!

  1. Great post! There’s also Clothes Mentor, which I love because they take higher end brands (kind of like Plato’s Closet) so I often find Coach bags, True Religion jeans, Kate Spade, etc. Some of the department stores are also doing a Marshall’s type store too, like Nordstrom Rack and Neiman Marcus Last Call. Love a good bargain!

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