Minimalistic/ Capsule Wardrobe

The key to having a capsule wardrobe is: having pieces in your wardrobe that you are able to wear over and over again, with many different accessories and for many different events.  You can ask fifty different people about their capsule wardrobes and you’ll get fifty different answers. There is no right or wrong way to have a capsule wardrobe, its entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Some people prefer to have 5 pairs of jeans that they wear over and over; whereas someone else might only have one pair of jeans, but three pairs of leggings. First thing to consider is going through your clothes and recognizing what your favorite pieces are, and which pieces you don’t actually wear. For me, Im an addict for shirts, tunics, blouses and tanks. The truth of the matter though is, I only wear about 25% of the shirts in my closet, so why not just keep that 25%. Condensing your wardrobe helps you get better use out of the clothing your actually wearing on a regular basis. When it comes to jeans, you don’t need seven pairs of jeans that look exactly the same. Pick the pair of jeans that you find yourself reaching for the most, also when condensing your wardrobe consider which item are better made and will last the longest. You don’t want an item for example that you got from forever 21, thats gonna rip a few months from now. Going through my bottoms, I choose to keep my favorite pair of skinny jeans, a pair of boyfriend style jeans, and a single pair of flare jeans, condensing my jeans from a considerable eleven pairs to only three, already frees up lots of room in my closet! Next Going through my tops, I keep three of about fifteen lacy, flowing, bouncy tops that I own. Keeping only three makes wearing them mandatory, so make sure you choose wisely.  I also ended up keeping three plain tunics and four tank tops that I wear under my clothing. You can tailor your capsule wardrobe to the season, obviously fall and winter you are going to have more long sleeves and sweaters; whereas summer you might switch those pieces out for some tank tops or short sleeve shirts. You can also minimize your shoes, jewelry, handbags etc. to help free up more space. For me personally. when it comes to my wardrobe I do not capsule my undergarments. I keep as many underwear, socks and bras that I need, not worrying about how many I have. This is because I never want to run out of these items if for example I don’t do my laundry that week. Like I mentioned early each and every capsule wardrobe is different and its whatever feels comfortable for you. Even minimizing your wardrobe by a few items will free up space and allow you to see what you do wear and what you do not wear!



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